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Felonia’s Greatest Masterpiece

A hoot plus, from historian Victor Davis Hanson:

“Hillary Clinton by now is an old master of scandals. Her lifelong oeuvre is vast — the cattle futures scam, Rose law firm missing documents, Travelgate, Uranium One shenanigans, missing emails, and the Steele dossier.

“But the ongoing effort of her paid associates to tap into the top-secret communications of a presidential candidate [and the White House] and further use such illicit information to ruin the American presidency will go down as her greatest masterpiece of deceit.”

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Drudge sucks

It’s a clone of Newsweak, the establishment rag it once scooped on Monica and Slick Willie. Not quite as rotten as it was a few years ago, pounding on Trump every day, but it’s still downplaying (way down) the Durham bombshell of Felonia paying a computer guy to invade the White House servers. Pity.

UPDATE: Issues & Insights was onto this as well: “Yet today, it is the Drudge Report that is Newsweek.”


It started out as a slam on Felonia, as in thanks to god and Trump supporters, she’s Nacho President.

Now the Twitter hashtag #NachoPresident is being applied to Beto, as well, as Anna Paulina tweets: “Beto may as well change his name again…b/c he’ll be #nachopresident in 2020.”

Fits our fake Mexican, another asshole from El Paso, much better.

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UPDATE: Not that the legacy media (like Associated Press) won’t try to save Bozo O’Dorke. Shoot, they’re making him up into a real Mexican as we speak.

Oh Happy Day

“A U.S. judge ordered the Justice and State departments Thursday to reopen an inquiry into whether Hillary Clinton used a private email server while secretary of state to deliberately evade public records laws, and to answer whether the agencies acted in bad faith by not telling a court for months that they had asked in mid-2014 for missing emails to be returned.”

Now, will it (or they) go anywhere meaningful? Wait and see.

Via Chicago Tribune& Twitchy

UPDATE:  Just a coincidence? IRS prosecutors are ready to pounce on the Clinton Foundation for back taxes. Slick Willie’s been playing fast and loose with the “charity.” This may be a bone the elite throw to us pleebs, letting the mrs skate on everything else. As Glenn Reynolds has said: “We have the worst political class ever, but the Clintons are the worst of the worst.”

Felonia’s flop tour

Ol’ Lock-Her-Up can’t fill a 19,000 seat arena. Can’t come close. Then she fell into a coughing fit on the opening of her Trump trashing tour to raise some coin for her and Slick Willie to squander.

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Is Matt Whitaker a street fighter?

That’s what the country needs, after two years of courtly, feckless, under-the-radar Jeff Sessions. You’d certainly have to think so the way the Dims are after Whitaker to recuse himself from the Mueller hoax, which he reportedly won’t do. Instead he will take over for Rosenputz.

We need an AG to also take on the Dim election fraud ongoing in Florida, Georgia and Arizona; Felonia’s emails which should have gotten her an indictment; and the Clapper-Brennan-FBI-DOJ collusion in spying on the Trump campaign. Which the Mueller hoax-probe was designed to cover up.

The alleged unconstitutionality of Whitaker’s appointment is just that, alleged, while the law is clear: Whitaker can serve as acting AG for 210 days, though the clock resets once Trump nominates someone to serve in the position permanently. If Whitaker wants to be nominated he surely knows what to do.

Via Government Executive

UPDATE:  We’ll soon find out. President Trump says he’s letting Whitaker decide how to handle Mule Face and his witch hunt.


Felonia’s exhortation