Howdy, pard. Welcome to the latest iteration of The Texas Scribbler. I am the proprietor, Dick Stanley of Austin, Texas, a recovering journalist. I’m happy to have you aboard.

This incarnation was necessitated by Web “host” Yahoo!’s theft of my previous Scribbler (and my domain name) on Nov. 27, 2013. They finally relinquished the blog ten days later without an explanation and so I (with the help of my good, but recently, sadly, deceased IT guy) moved the Scribbler here. And relocated my domain name to GoDaddy. See the category Yahoo! Sucks for more on the crime.

Alas, I have since discovered that a distressingly large number of old posted jpegs did not make the transfer. I’m replacing them as I discover their absence.

In case you’re wondering, the pix in the new Scribbler’s header is a cropping of my photo (below) of a metal sculpture of a Longhorn steer. It was on private property west of Johnson City in the Hill Country when I took the pic but may have been moved to South Austin since then, or else it has been duplicated there. Click the pic below to biggerize it for much more detail.


Here’s the best short description of me I’ve concocted to date:

Retired (and recovering) Texas newspaperman (politics, crime, science, medicine, meteorology), Jewish convert of fifty years, widowed but recently remarried father of a Texas A&M University graduate, adult student of the violin, Reiki Master practitioner, independent publisher, and Vietnam infantry combat veteran (MACV, I Corps, 1969).

I’ve written three books of fiction that may interest you. Here, here, and here, and a new non-fiction one here. And a new, spiritual awakening tale now available as an ebook. More about all of them here. Check them out!

Then come back and read the blog. As a blog buddy says about his own place, you never know what you’ll find here.

UPDATED: August 24, 2022

9 responses to “About

  1. Hey I just found you when looking at 13th Miss.site. Love your blog.

  2. virgil xenophon

    Followed you here from your avatar on another blog (the chimp in aviator leather helmet & goggles.) You wouldn’t be the same guy who used to post at Neptunus Lex as “Flugleman” would you?

  3. Pleased to have found your powerfully distinctive blog. I look forward to more reading. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox (give it a spin).

  4. Dear Mr. Stanley: Would you take a look at my web site? The War is a story which looks at it from the perspective of a firm called Fraser, Trenholm & Co which was the CSA’s agent in England. http://www.abrandonjones.com It is an attempt at fiction and history and I would appreciate any comments you could offer. I am trying to get it “out” to readers. Could you refer to it in one of your web sites?? I’d appreciate any help—oh A. Brandon Jones is my pen name.–thanks, John Hastie

  5. I too was in the 6th ACR in 67 and 68 and was wondering if any other guys have used this site? Capt Necessary was my first company commander and later I was XO of first Battalion hq under Capt. Venis. We trained at Camp Drum in NY during the winter of 67/68 in the snow… great training for Vietnam! I was there for the riots when MLK was killed in 68… interesting times. I later went to 1st army hq as a legal defense council to finish my time on active duty.

  6. I don’t recall anyone else from the Cav commenting here. Try searching 6th Cav or Sixth Cav in the box on left top of the page. I joined early fall of 68 as a second lieutenant platoon leader. My captain was Goldsmith. First battalion should be 1st Squadron? the horse-cav term for a battalion I think, curiously also adopted by the Air Force. We trained at Camp Pickett in Virginia, winter of 68/69, also in the snow. We mainly practiced road convoys and lagers, mostly lagers for defense in Vietnam. When MLK was killed I was still in Infantry OCS at Benning. When I joined, we practiced riot control and sat in the DC armory during Nixon’s inauguration. I left the cav in the spring of 69, for the special warfare school at Bragg and then straight to Vietnam in June as a light-infantry advisor to SVN militia. (Read your blog, can’t imagine mountain climbing, too shaky on heights!)

    • Thomas M Evans

      Thanks for the reply… sounds like we may have crossed paths sometime! I have looked up 6th cav and haven’t found much. We were scheduled to go to vietnam just after the riots in DC but when the riots came and went we became a reserve force for any further riots instead. That seems to be the time you came in. Anyway thanks for your story! Regards Tom

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