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The death of Jon Snow

I’ve only seen the book version. It seemed inevitable after Snow, almost inexplicably, decided to lead an army of Wildings to Winterfel. Oath breaking, at the least. Treason at the worst. So it was plain that his brothers of the Night’s Watch would at least cashier if not actually murder what some think is the series finest character.

But because GRRM takes so long to crank out another book in the series (none since 2011’s Dance With Dragons), speculation as to what this death means has also become inevitable.

So is Jon dead as dead usually goes in the novels? (Remember Jaime’s dead mother “returning” to him in the Sept?) Will Jon’s brothers neglect to burn his corpse and so he becomes a wight or even a dreaded White Walker? Will the Red priestess resurrect him? Or has his warg’s soul already entered the body of his faithful dire wolf Ghost?

Until the appearance of Book 6, whose working title is The Winds of Winter, the answers are up for grabs. What say ye, o faithful fans?

Bye bye HBO Game of Thrones

The books, as I have said before, I like quite a lot. The author is(or his editor, or a combination thereof is) a pro at painting word pictures and making plots compelling. The literal HBO pictures, not so much. They seldom follow the books.

HBO’s costume drama is mainly scenes of gratuitous nudity and extreme violence, the two big sellers in flickers/movies/videos/what-have-you these days. Mere love and hope are also rans. It wasn’t always this way and back in those less-graphic days our society had a good many fewer mass murders. Are the two connected? That seems obvious to me.

I paid roughly $71 to watch Amazon streaming versions of the first thirty episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones. It was interesting. The nudity got old, especially in these days of ubiquitous Internet porn, and the ever-more-graphic violence got depressing. When I finally reached the end of Season 3, I realized that with very few exceptions, all of the characters I was interested in were dead.

Still, like a good addict of modern media I decided to press on. Then I discovered that Amazon’s price for Season 4 was more than twice that of Seasons 1, 2 & 3. Wily marketing that. But I decided not to go on. Not worth more of the same at twice the price. Not to me. Your mileage may vary, of course.

I’m sticking with the books. I’d still recommend them.

Rule 5: Gwendoline Christie


Gwen doesn’t precisely qualify as one of our favored plus-sized models. But she is larger than many women and has been a model. She’s a British actress who is better known these days as Brienne of Tarth, a striking though rather plain knight in the Game of Thrones. And one of the few women in this persistently unclothed epic who doesn’t get naked from the front. She also uses a wooden sword to fight a bear. She grows on you. Or has me.

More Game of Thrones

The first book is much better than the show’s first season. It also has many scenes that the producers of the show either rewrote entirely or truncated almost beyond recognition. The show is fun to watch but confusing at times and a lot of the details of the book are simply glossed over.

No spoilers here. Read the book and you’ll see what I mean. The show is much more of a costume drama with lots of gratuitous nudity and violence. Some major characters seem nicer or nastier in the show than they are in the book, rather they are complex in the book but rather one-sided in the show. I like both, but if I had to choose only one, I’d take the book.

Game of Thrones

Okay, okay, I’m five years late to the party. I snubbed this television series back in 2011 as just another sword and sorcery epic unworthy of my time or attention.

I was wrong. I did a marathon watching of the Game of Thrones first season yesterday, streaming all ten of the videos via Amazon. It is gripping. The author of the books (I’m also reading the first one now) well deserves his wealth and his home in Santa Fe.

The best thing about the series, as the fellow who wrote the introduction to the first book puts it, is the way it proves that no one in their right mind would want to live in medieval times. Even the rich then barely lived above the level of our lower middle class. Their faces are always dirty because they never bathe. The usual Hollywood incongruity of all those impeccably straight white teeth looks even more ridiculous. And instead of focusing on the sorcery, the story shows the real evil to be the people of the times. The powerless as well as the powerful.

And as the first season ended, I couldn’t help noticing the resemblance of our jug-eared fool of a president to the petulant boy king of the story, ordering heads chopped and throats cut at whim. Barry is just more sophisticated about it, presumably, cutting throats by destroying the economy and diverting our attention from his failures by pushing the country towards war. At least the television series is leavened by a few genuinely honorable people amidst the devastation. Otherwise it could not be entertaining.


It was Boris and Natasha!


Ghosterbusters (2016): Don’t bother

From Mr. Boy’s impromptu review I suspect the movie would even gag a feminist. Well some feminists.

First off, he says, having seen it the other day, it isn’t that funny. Some laughs, but no big ones. Imagine. The first one was pretty hilarious.

Second, the feminist angle (the new ghostbusters are all women) is very heavy-handed. So much so that the men in the movie are morons. Especially the male secretary of the four principals. He’s pretty but stupid. A dumb blond who is played for cheap laughs.

“The bland lobotomized token male. Pretty much the only main character who was a man was turned into a stereotype. He was useless, annoying, fake, had an IQ below sea-level, and was clearly trying to pretend to be Brad Pitt, but with none of the acting talent. He also only got hired because of his looks,” says reviewer Girlycard L at

And finally, as Mr. Boy indignantly summarizes, the movie is hypocritical. The four stars not only have hired and kept a hot but stupid secretary, they hunger after him for his looks. You know, like men probably would for a dumb but sexy woman. Some feminists.