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The latest attempt on Apple TV to make a movie of the famous science fiction novels is an helluva effort. Part One of several, apparently. The CGI, alone, is worth watching, especially the ornithopters. But the actors are good, too. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.

Tucker’s movies

Goofing off this morning, instead of obsessing about my eye, I started searching for OCS classmate Tucker Smallwood’s various movies & TV shows, by typing “Tucker Smallwood” in the search box (raised by clicking on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen) on Apple TV and Prime Video.

Quite a few, actually, going back to possibly the most famous movie, for its box office success,1997’s “Contact.” Only found one on Netflix, 2017’s “Girlfriend’s Day,” an oddly-named thriller that isn’t very thrilling, but still pretty good. But Netflix is failing anyway.

My old classmate is a journeyman actor who has made a living at it for more than fifty years: in small parts often playing authority figures, which figures, his being a Follow Me type of guy. After all, in the cast credits for most of the flicks, he’s the only one with a Combat Infantryman’s Badge.

UPDATE: He hated my assessment. No attempted good deed ever goes unpunished.

Interstellar love

A killer flicker, despite being almost eight years old, which probably helped make Uvalde boy Matthew David McConaughey the star he became. It seems to be a science fiction tale (with really good graphics) but actually is fully about the oldest and best of human emotions: love.

Station Eleven TV

Very glad I took time to read the reviews before buying into HBO so I could watch the new TV movie about Station Eleven. About, I say, because the reviews make it plain that the novel has been adapted. Not adhered to. Can’t say I care to find out just how adapted. I was hoping for a retelling in visuals. No such luck.


A zippy, engaging little film of First Contact by an engineer and two astronomers, doing extracurricular night research until… Reasonably convincing. I enjoyed it. More than the ones who rated it 68 percent on rotten tomatoes. See it on Amazon Prime Video.

The Crown

Is a series on Netflix about Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II (Lilabet, as her husband called her) that is mostly good. I’m on the second season now and still enjoying it. Some of the actors were also in Downton Abbey, which further amuses, watching them be someone different, or mostly different.

UPDATE: The Kennedys, before the assassination, visit QE2. The actors don’t much resemble Jack and Jackie. Her apology to Lilabet for saying snotty things about her and admission to being doped up by the WH doctors is bizarre. Maybe? Or not.

MORE: Season 3, Episode 1 has a new Lilabet and a new Phillip (trading Matt Smith for the villain of Outlander) and, suddenly, I couldn’t care less. Smarter would have been to age the originals. Oh, well, on to better (well, different) things.

Downton Abbey

Mrs. Charm watched this very popular soaper right up until her death in 2015. I ignored it because it reminded me of Upstairs, Downstairs, which I enjoyed but didn’t need to see a new version. Recently, however, I decided to give it a try and watched all the seasons (6) and all the episodes (more than 50) and enjoyed it very much. There’s a movie I haven’t seen yet and a sequel. So Downton fever continues.