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How appropriate, on Independence Day, for the flyover of our warbirds. This time in the northeast, where the Revolution largely took place, but we got a few WW2 vintage warbirds if you were up at 8 a.m. Otherwise you could watch the replay on your phone.

I’m sure the pacifists greet these displays with disquiet. So does this old infantryman, knowing Trump hasn’t produced a new war yet nor does he aspire to, but thinking ahead, to some martial Dimocrat or Rino, how disquieting indeed could these bellicose displays become.

Would it be any better to see a few birds without bombs, say DC-10s and Boeing 747s, other than Air Force One?

Abortion rolls on

“It’s a matter of perspective – when’s a baby a baby, or Can anyone here force a woman to have a baby? Try evoking your will on any ‘free’ person – they will rebel against you. Pass a law that will federally outlaw abortions – you’ll just be creating a new crime category, a new crime syndicate, a new underground network. I’m pretty sure you’ll be fighting this battle forever, humans.”


Slavery, from the Slavs enslaved by the Arabs


Originally, the date (June 19) celebrated the 1865 arrival in Galveston of news of the Emancipation Proclamation, President Lincoln’s then more than 2-year-old executive order freeing the slaves of the Confederacy.

Gradually the date came to be celebrated elsewhere as well and take on a broader meaning. In Texas, it became a state holiday in 1980. In Austin, it has long been commemorated by a (generally) peaceful march/parade of some kind. Hope it’s peaceful this year. It likely won’t be elsewhere.

UPDATE:  An alternative view of “the high holy day of anti-white hatred.”

MORE:  A San Francisco Juneteenth mob toppled statues of Francis Scott Key, author of the anthem those NFL players kneel to, and Ulysses S. Grant. Grant? Savior of the Union and Emancipation? Brilliant.

1968 deja vu

Pentagon officials, the Secdef and even some retired generals are fussing about using active-duty troops to put down rioting, burnings and looting.

Back in 1968, when the race riots after Dr. King’s murder were much worse than what the George Floyd protests have spawned, we in the active-duty Sixth Armored Cavalry Regiment at Fort Meade, Maryland, were training to put down riots in Baltimore and DC. We were never called.

In early 1969, we spent all day at the DC Guard armory, with rifles, pistols and bayonets, waiting to be called to protect President Nixon’s inauguration. No retired generals were fussing about it then that we ever heard. It turned out we were not needed. But we were ready to go if we were.

Of course, in those days, the National Guard was full of insubordinate draft-dodgers and pretty useless. Today’s Guard is full of combat veterans. And, in 1968, the press wasn’t as adversarial as it has been since President Trump was elected and retired generals weren’t as outspoken against the commander-in-chief. It’s unlikely the 1968 press would have given them much publicity if they were. Today, every anti-Trumper is a hero to the Leftist news media. And the Pentagon knows it has a competent Guard.

Via Breaking Defense

The Return of Riot Ideology

“Americans are being told by intellectuals, politicians, and TV pundits that this deadly chaos is about ‘systemic racism,’ to quote [Pedo] Joe Biden, but what we are actually witnessing is the return of a dangerous belief system that Manhattan Institute scholar Fred Siegel called ‘the riot ideology.’

“People are being killed, businesses are being looted, and the fundamental basis of a free society is being jeopardized because this irresponsible mentality has been promoted as a solution to racial inequality, when in fact it is a major cause of the problem.”

This lawlessness is mostly happening in Dimocrat-run cities. If that doesn’t cost them the election nothing will.

Via The American Spectator

Diogenes’ Middle Finger: “Politicians have no interest in protecting or encouraging urban middle-class citizens, only dancing a jig to the social justice tune played by underclass minority demagogues and wealthy liberals.  Law enforcement’s hands are tied from keeping order, lest even a single racism unfold and provoke Armageddon.  Citizens are certainly not allowed to protect themselves, their homes, their communities, or their businesses.  That would be vigilantism…”

Kneeling cops, guard

They look pathetic, the cops and soldiers (all guard) who let themselves be cajoled by the protesters into kneeling before the mob. Grinning like the fools they are. Worse even than the crying police chiefs.

All it produced in NYC was a stabbed cop and two more shot. Not much thanks for the Dimocrat mayor leaving the looters to their destructive partying. Even aging Curtis Sliwa and his Guardian Angels tried to stop the looting the city cops are ignoring. And got bloodied for his trouble.

The Z man says aging whites, who remember 1968’s riots, are likely to turn out for Trump in November because they appreciate both his conciliatory words for the protesters, especially the blacks who aren’t looting, and promises of law and order for the rioters.

He got it in DC, finally, after elements of the 82nd Airborne, elite paratroopers who are perpetually on standby and training for just such events as rioting, burning and looting, took the streets back.

Even as his idiot secretary of defense, two days later, decried using active-duty troops for riot control. The Trumpster is not happy with the Secdef.

Nor should he be.