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How Felonia Lost

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That first moon landing…

…was actually today, Greenwich Mean Time, though to Americans it will always be July 20th. Me, I was patrolling in Viet Nam during the landing and so was too preoccupied to notice until the the next day.

Revulsion over the war and Watergate killed lunar exploration before its time. We keep hearing presidential promises to go back at some later date but we never have.

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Hatch on Trump

I’ve always liked Orrin Hatch, even when I disagreed with him. He’s good on Trump, the first Republican president since Reagan who fights back against the Dims and their lapdog news media:

“I think it’s just great that [] gets out there & doesn’t take any crap from anybody. He’s done really well for somebody who’s never been in politics before. I’m starting to think maybe we ought to get more of those people who’ve never been in politics before.”-

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President Trump: Statesman

“I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace than to risk peace in pursuit of politics. I will not make decisions on foreign policy in a futile effort to appease partisan critics, the media, or Democrats who want to resist and obstruct.”

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UPDATE:  PJMedi’s Roger L. Simon: “But Trump’s opponents don’t care about results. Overwhelmed with hate, they would prefer to see the president wounded and impeached than succeed with Putin and bring about a world safer from nuclear armageddon.  If Trump achieves this, however, it will be his finest hour.  It would be for any president.”


Felonia preps for 2020

Patriotism: A sucker’s play

The Z Man in a fit of realism:

“For most of my life, I was an easy mark, when it came to flag waving. I believed the stuff they taught us in school and preached to us in the media. Despite her flaws, I thought the ideal of America was worth defending. The trouble is, the people in charge had other ideas. Like a lot of people over the last dozen or so years, I’ve had a change of heart about a lot of things. One of them is patriotism. You can be loyal to people, but you cannot be loyal to ideas or institutions. That’s a sucker’s play and I’m not a sucker anymore.”

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The Supremes cleaned Bronco’s clock

So far President Trump is winning in the supreme court. That could change, as presidents seldom win more than two-thirds of their cases. But Trump will have to lose a lot more to equal Bronco Bama’s dismal record:

“Over the course of the 84 terms and 13 [modern] presidents in our dataset, presidents prevailed in nearly two-thirds of their cases (and captured 60 [percent] of all votes). By comparison, the states won significantly fewer of their cases during the same period (53 [percent]).”

“Comparatively, Obama’s performance was ‘especially poor.’ ‘He prevailed in just 50.5 [percent] of his cases—a percentage slightly lower than the states’ win rate while Obama was in office (55.4 [percent]).”

Giving Bronco the worst record of any president in modern history. So much for his reputation as a constitutional scholar, the smartest man in the room. He wasn’t even close.

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