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The night of MLK’s murder

I was in Infantry Officer’s Candidate School at Fort Benning, GA, on April 4, 1968, and don’t remember much, except we were shocked and there were no racist remarks among us although most of us were white. Others in the class have better memories, including that we were prepped in case we had to go help disperse rioters, practicing advancing on line for several hours with fixed bayonets chanting “back, back.”

See, the guard wasn’t trusted in those days, it being a haven for draft-dodgers from the Viet Nam war, so the regular army was put on standby. Nowadays the guard is mostly combat veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Two classmates recall hearing C-119s at a nearby airfield taking off every eight minutes or so most of that night ferrying an infantry brigade to Detroit. One then-class officer recalls being designated a sniper and issued live ammunition in case we had to move out quickly. We never did, happily.

Later that year, in the Sixth Cav, at Fort Meade, MD, we also trained for riot control but fire discipline was emphasized. We were to disperse, not punish, the rioters. And we lieutenants were told that if one of our enlisted even chambered a live round without permission from regiment staff, we’d be going to prison. Heady times.

UPDATE: Well, one classmate recalled another one using a slur against Dr. King, but he won’t identify the fellow, effectively tarring us all (except him, of course) with the same anonymous brush.

Working age deaths up 40%

“So if it’s true that we’re seeing an unprecedented 40% spike in deaths among working-age Americans [age 18-64], don’t be surprised if those people died or took their own lives because their own government and media scared them out of [hospital and doctor visits and] taking care of themselves.”

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Lyin’ Biden underwater

At just 36 percent approval rating, he’s well below snorkel depth. Settin’ a record! Pretty soon he’ll be in a position to see the bellies of whales as they swim by.

Merry Christmas

A very merry, merry to the observers of this day. It’s a sunny 78 in Austin with more warm weather to come until New Years. The climate hysterics will claim it’s global warming but we’ve had warm Christmases before, and besides, our human-gathered temperature records only go back about 170 years. Enjoy.

Carved in Stone

A different type of Holocaust survivor memoire, told in matter-of-fact, often heart-breaking style by Manny Drukier, the title taken from a Primo Levi quote about those who can forget and those for whom the memory is carved in stone. It’s pricey at $30 for the ebook, but worth it. The 2017 book is also the basis for a new documentary, called Finding Manny, so far only available at film festivals.

Synagogue arson

Congregation Beth Israel, on Shoal Creek Boulevard above 35th Street, had its beautiful wooden doors damaged by an intentionally-set fire on Halloween night. Smoke penetrated the sanctuary such that ceiling tiles will have to be replaced. Damage is estimated at $25,000. Austin fire department released fuzzy surveillance photos of a white male suspect, who also could be Hispanic.

Beth Israel was where I studied Talmud a few years ago and I also participated in a Passover meal with the other Talmud scholars. It’s one of the few, and the most prominent, synagogues outside the confines of the fenced Jewish community center on Hart Lane in northwest Austin. Beth Israel (House of Israel) was built in the 1870s and expanded in the 1950s.

“The fire…comes just a week after an anti-Semitic banner [with swastikas] was displayed over TX-Loop 1 [near the JCC]. City leaders since then condemned the incident, saying the message has no place in Austin. Shalom Austin [which manages the JCC] called the incident ‘extremely upsetting and unsettling.'” 

And Beth Israel’s arson followed. Hardly a coincidence.


No refunding police

With a history-making 77 homicides in the Liberal Dimocrat city so far this year, and multiple small business owners complaining of an epidemic of shoplifting for which the short-staffed cops can’t help, you’d think Austinites would be in favor of returning some of the city council’s deleted one-third of its budget to the police.

You’d be wrong. Sixty-eight percent of voters rejected the idea on Tuesday. Thanks to major Leftist money from Soros to out-of-state unions to get out the vote. I suppose we residents should be happy the Dimocrat council (and one self-declared communist) hasn’t closed the police department entirely. Might be a good time to start carrying. Concealed or open. Now that we’ve become Dodge City.

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