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Politicizing the SAT

This is not really a surprise to me and I’m sure it won’t be to Mr. Boy either when he takes the SAT on March 11. He’s used to being inundated with PC and Progressive nonsense at school.

They started teaching him about American slavery in first grade. And not to be outdone by history, they piled on with fears of Global Warming. The latter had him really frightened until I assured him it was pure political bullshit.

In my grade school days (the 1950s) slavery was a taboo topic and PC was to ignore ubiquitous legal segregation in business and government. It would have been smarter then, and would be now as well, to let, as the song says, freedom ring

Got tired of losing money, I guess


Playboy brings, ahem, back the nudes. Was not aware they had left, but I tired of PB long ago. Must be a challenge to compete with the ubiquity of Internet porn. But giving up the nekkid wimins entirely clearly isn’t the solution.

Bedrock of the Trump economy

His latest executive order, according to the WSJ, is pure genius:

“The Trump order [requires] the agencies to repeal two old rules for every new one they publish. This is in some sense a gimmick, since some regulations are far more significant, costly or distorting of investment choices than others. But the text of the order suggests that for every dollar of new cost imposed on the private economy, each agency will have to find two dollars of burden to relieve…

“The deregulation project that began with Jimmy Carter and gained speed under Ronald Reagan became the bedrock of the 1980s economic boom, but the administrative state gradually reverted to its old habits. If Mr. Trump can break up the Washington central planning that is again misallocating resources, the resulting job creation and new investment would be a great legacy.”


Investigating voter fraud

It’s a good idea, long overdue, and especially because Hussein and his party minions so often claimed there was no such thing. But of course there is, from Cook County, Illinois’s voting of the dead to help elect JFK to California’s probable 2016 fraud by illegal immigrants who were issued driver’s licenses they could use for i.d. So i.d. is not a panacea. Purple fingers might be.

Scrubbing the voter registration rolls for phonies would be even better.

Voter fraud is very much a Democrat thing and has been since at least Tammany Hall. And Trump will have to face it all over again in 2018, gambling that the fraudsters won’t take back the House or a significant part of it, to block his agenda, and again in 2020 when he’s already indicated he will run for a second term.

So anything he can do to change it will be as good for him as for the country.

Via Instapundit

Mr. Charlie’s Airline

It always amazes me the extent to which many Americans believe the CIA gives a damn about secrecy. Or has any credibility beyond the political. Of course they’re fighting Trump. They are the establishment and he is largely anti-establishment.

Most soldiers and civilians in Vietnam knew the CIA’s white helicopters on sight. Who else flew white helicopters? Exactly no one. Mr. Charlie’s Airline, some of us advisers to the South Vietnamese called the white birds, a reference not to the Victor Charles radio chatter terms for the Viet Cong, but to an old African-American label for an imperious and condescending white man in the age of slavery and segregation. You know, those Democrat Party institutions.

Mr. Charlie’s Airline not only flew its supposedly secrecy-conscious “agents” about the landscape of the war but also ferried their preferred private army, the so-called Provisional Reconnaissance Units (or PRUs) most of them turncoat North Vietnamese who usually struck small hamlets at night, terrorizing the people while rounding up supposed traitors to the South Vietnamese government.

Just a little tidbit on the Clumsy Intelligence Asses of our Deep State government, the real, un-elected government that occasionally raises its head whenever the establishment is threatened. You know, the folks who predicted 9/11?

Worth remembering

The United Nations building, also known as the home of the World Dictator’s Club, was built atop a mound of rotting garbage. How very appropriate.

Back in 2008, the under-mound, delicately known as the Turtle Bay landfill, was pumping out methane when disturbed. Wonder what it would pump out by now, eight years later, eh?

Some have joked, after the WDC’s recent Obama-backed condemnation of Israel, that President Trump’s empire should tear down the 40-story building and put up condos. But, considering the garbage, perhaps not…

Via Inner City Press.

Game of Thrones

Okay, okay, I’m five years late to the party. I snubbed this television series back in 2011 as just another sword and sorcery epic unworthy of my time or attention.

I was wrong. I did a marathon watching of the Game of Thrones first season yesterday, streaming all ten of the videos via Amazon. It is gripping. The author of the books (I’m also reading the first one now) well deserves his wealth and his home in Santa Fe.

The best thing about the series, as the fellow who wrote the introduction to the first book puts it, is the way it proves that no one in their right mind would want to live in medieval times. Even the rich then barely lived above the level of our lower middle class. Their faces are always dirty because they never bathe. The usual Hollywood incongruity of all those impeccably straight white teeth looks even more ridiculous. And instead of focusing on the sorcery, the story shows the real evil to be the people of the times. The powerless as well as the powerful.

And as the first season ended, I couldn’t help noticing the resemblance of our jug-eared fool of a president to the petulant boy king of the story, ordering heads chopped and throats cut at whim. Barry is just more sophisticated about it, presumably, cutting throats by destroying the economy and diverting our attention from his failures by pushing the country towards war. At least the television series is leavened by a few genuinely honorable people amidst the devastation. Otherwise it could not be entertaining.