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Cookie Jill

It was a nice gesture on Dr. Biden’s part, bringing fresh-baked cookies in wicker baskets to the National Guard across from the WH to make up for the cold garage cement they went through the night before. For all Melania’s sophistication I can’t quite imagine her doing cookies. But then Trump wouldn’t have allowed the garage bit to begin with.

The First Lady may be a little frumpy (as Yahoo lifestyle saw it) but she’s attractively so and who doesn’t like cookies?

Closing the barn after….

…the horse is stolen is what government does best, and clumsily, in everybody’s way

“Doc” Jill

Most PhD’s don’t use their honorific “doctor” outside of academia. But Dr. Biden’s is unusual for another reason: it was won with a sort of term paper, unfortunately riddled with spelling and grammar errors. Similar to her husband’s political career.

If Slippery Joe is certified as elected president, by Congress in January, we’re going to find out what kind of moron he really is. And if Trump is aggressive, Dr. Fraud is more so. He’ll flip over most of what Trump did, including the good economy, while being excessively belligerent about it. But that won’t be any more off-putting to the 75 million Americans who voted for Trump than Dr. Fraud’s ascension itself.

Via Redstate