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Possession pardons

Finally, Slippery Joetato does something commendable. Almost. He pardons those federally convicted of simple weed possession. But not the dealers. Still pretending that weed dealing is heinous.

Via Breitbart News

UPDATE: Turns out there are very few in federal prison for simple possession.

Citizenship degraded

“[B]ack in 2019, then-Mayor Bill de Blasio changed the rules to allow ‘undocumented’ migrants to apply [for public housing].

“So New Yorkers will have to fend for themselves as they are displaced by a flood of non-citizens waved in by Gov. Hochul to help the Biden administration hide their self-inflicted border crisis. 

“And now that New York allows non-citizens to vote in local elections, let’s not pretend they will keep separate voter rolls for state and federal polls. 

“They are simply importing and pampering a new class of voters because the old ones got wise.”

Via NYPost

Family fun

We may be off to Fredericksburg to a B&B with a pool. Step-daughter has to sign off on it. No telling. We’d go in the middle of the week after Labor Day for three or four nights. We’d hope to spend time talking to each other, including at least one board game evening, but there’d always be shopping, restauranting, clubbing for the kids, and visiting Enchanted Rock about a half hour north.

Sedona would be preferred by all but with Amtrak cancellations and price increases due to fuel and food, it seems too dicey this year. And probably through 2024 as long as Slimy Biden is POTUS. Not to mention the threat of World War III. F-burg is less than two hours away from home, versus most of Texas and all of New Mexico.

Is a draft coming?

“…the Selective Service System (SSS) announced that ‘In the event of a draft, our agency would partner with @fema to provide opportunities to conscientious objectors to ensure our nation keeps moving forward.’ The announcement rattled Americans, especially those of draft-able age who do not want to go fight for a foreign country in which the United States doesn’t have a critical interest.”

Via PJMedia

Germany vs Russia

I do think it very unwise for Germany to be sending anti-aircraft missiles and anti-tank ones to Ukraine. I hope Slippery Joe is wiser. I mean once his pilots and tankers start dying in large number, how do think Putin will react? He’s gone this far, making widows in his own population, creating aggrieved mothers. He must be in it to win. Not to be humiliated.

UPDATE: And so we’re in it now that the prez is sending anti-air and anti-tank missiles to the Ukrainians. How long do you think Putin will allow foreign weapons to kill Russian soldiers without retaliation? Or at least takes out a Ukrainian city with a tactical nuke to show the world he means business.

Ukraine vs Russia

Putin may have bit off more than he can chew. Sort of like Afghanistan, which the Russians also lost, like we did. He’s divided his army into four wings, hundreds of miles apart, each with their own resupply problems. And the Ukrainians seem to be fighting back successfully, at least in the initial stages.

I don’t blame Slippery Joe one bit for this war. Putin certainly wanted it, as part of his bid to reconstitute the old Soviet Union. Now Big Joey will have to tread carefully to avoid Putin throwing a nuke or two our way. That could include stopping arms shipments to the Ukrainians. Probably should include it, just to be on the safe side.

I hope we don’t get involved directly. We can’t afford to be nuked. Nor to respond with nukes.

Who’s wagging whose dog?

“How much of Ukraine will the Western powers be willing to sever from that country, perhaps by plebiscite, over the heated objections of Ukraine’s government?

“Call me cynical, but I think we may soon know the answer to that question. Or possibly some seemingly unrelated concession to Putin is on the table. But I think the congruence of political interests among the relevant leaders is too strong for war to be the most likely option.”

John Hinderaker at Powerline Blog is always interesting.