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A love letter

The Aggie’s girlfriend lost her grandfather a few days ago after a long illness. She wrote him this love letter:

“How blessed I am to have had a grandpa like you. To my number one supporter and biggest fan..I am going to miss all the nights watching Wheel of Fortune with you, hearing your slippers glide across the entire house, and always hearing “let’s do this again sometime” after every meal. Until I see you again, I love you Poppee. 💕

Way to go, Ags

Aggies 38, #5 LSU 23. A bad season ends on a high note, beating a ranked team, a rival, and probably knocking them out of the playoffs.

The Aggie graduates

Barbara Ellen and I are back from No. 1 son’s graduation ceremony Friday in the basketball arena at Texas A&M. With a BS in Public Health. He’s mulling over graduate school. Possibly law school or an MBA. Was originally planning to go to Physician’s Associate grad school but is wavering on that. He has a 3.75 GPA, so he has choices.

Close to a thousand kids graduated Friday. Big for August. Must have been many more in May. (Aggieland has 60,000 students.) Twenty-nine from the Corps were swore in Friday and commissioned in the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. Two of them women. They asked for veterans in the audience to stand and there were quite a lot of us. More than a hundred, by my quick estimate. Not too surprising. This is Texas, after all.

Aggie Band

An OCS chum, who went to Clemson, confesses that no marching band does a four-way cross like the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band.

The Aggie

He graduates in public health in August and then waits for a grad school acceptance to become a doctor’s associate. Working while he waits as an Emergency Room scribe and an IT job he can work from his laptop. Proud of our Eagle Scout.

Aggie mail

Mr. B. won’t graduate until August but the mail already features Class of ’22 stuff. Including the Association of Former Students membership drive for their Century Club which looks to be the most popular.

Little fear in Aggieland

Mr. Boy visiting for a barbeque supper with stepdaughter and her beau last week said he hasn’t seen any masked folks in College Station nor is social distancing practiced. Said he’d seen “a lot more fear” in Austin and environs. Though A&M has canceled in-person classes and is carrying on online.