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Unreliable electricity


ERCOT is asking for conservation of electricity from 2 to 8 p.m. now that we’re in a heat wave and the windmills aren’t turning much. In fact they’re only producing 8 percent of normal. So we turned the AC up to 75 and unplugged major appliances not in use. They advised turning up to 78, but Bar has breathing problems.

The state’s Dimocrats are harping on the fact that we’re an energy capital of the world and the Republican governor isn’t doing…something… they’re not saying what. Their own president is in a war with oil and natural gas. Instead we’re to rely on windmills. In a time of little wind. Ridiculous.

Ice slows windmills

“While ice can form over the entire span of the blade, much more ice is found near the tips. After one 30-hour icing event, we found ice as much as a foot thick. Despite the high wind, the ice-heavy turbines rotated much slower and even shut down. The turbines produced only 20% of their normal power over that period.”

Which means relying on windmills for electric heat in the winter is a fool’s errand. And Austin Energy relies for almost half its total electricity production on windmills. Ensuring customer outages when it’s cold.

Via The Conversation