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Nothing will be done, of course

In short, Victoria Taft of PJMedia says Durham’s report showed that the FBI:

  • Framed Trump as a Russian spy.
  • Had no legal predicate to investigate the Trump campaign.
  • Practiced two-tiered justice, one for Trump and another for Clinton.
  • Knew Hillary Clinton’s foundation was a money-laundering racket.
  • Knew Hillary Clinton destroyed evidence and did nothing about it.
  • Knew Hillary Clinton was framing Trump to distract from her email scandal.
  • Didn’t perform the most basic functions of an investigation.
  • Lied to get a FISA warrant due to pressure from James Comey.
  • Interfered with the Durham investigation by paying Steele source Danchenko.
  • Hid evidence of Carter Page’s innocence from investigation and warrant application.
  • Purposely deprived Donald Trump, et. al., of their good names, reputations, and millions of dollars in legal fees.
  • Used its authority to ruin people’s lives.
  • Helped further what attorney and radio host Mark Levin termed a “soft coup.”

Oddly, Durham made no recommended solutions, indictments, etc. No balls.

The Wind Power Shuck


Barry and his party would have us believe they can tax coal power plants out of business and we’ll all get by on wind and solar power. Uh, huh. Except for people in the snow belt:

“Minnesota invested itself in alternative energy sources years ago, and so the revelation that the state spent $3.3 million on eleven wind turbines hardly qualifies as news. However, the fact that they don’t work in cold weather does.”

Well, the state can always sue the manufacturer. Hee. And Minnesotans can be thankful they still have coal-power electricity to keep them warm. So far, anyhow.

Via Hot Air.

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Bronco’s rush to break us

“Presidentish Biden — or whoever is running this White House — seems to be in a rush, not just to change government policies, but to break the country.”

Among other ways by killing the Keystone XL pipeline and renewing Bronco’s war on domestic energy production. Almost makes you believe Bronco his ownself is running the White House. We got his old press secretary, after all. And ninety-two Biden executive orders in the first few months. A whopping record in itself, even for Mr. Pen and Phone.

“Soon to come: Tax hikes that won’t raise the promised revenue but that will shrink economic growth, the Revenge of the Regulatory State, and other Democrat pet causes…We haven’t seen a rush of progressivism like this since Obama’s first two years, and the result was the worst race relations since the Civil Rights Era and the worst recovery since the Great Depression.”

Via PJMedia

Barry’s legacy

VDH on the Tan Man’s ending.

“We were supposed to see a fundamental transformation of the country between 2009 and 2025, as the Obama-Clinton 16-year regnum finally made America right and correct. Instead, we witnessed eight years that ended in scandal whose full dimensions of criminality will take years to process.”

Via National Review

Biden’s cone of shame

He doesn’t wear one, but he should. It’s the only way to keep his nose out of strange women’s and especially little girls’ hair. And otherwise sniffing them up.

Pedo Joe needs help, not the presidency.

Vile Jimmy Carter

In a way he’s very sad, a not-very-good one-term prez Mr. Peanut turned nutcase whose anti-Semitism finally got the best of him. Hamas-backer, anti-Israel book writer (over which his advisory group at the Carter Foundation all resigned) and now calling President Trump illegitimate because the Russians interfered with the election.

Only good thing for Jimmah is that he’s fallen to second-place in the worst president sweepstakes, overwhelmed by Baby Barry, a crook and a traitor, giving billions in cash to terrorist-loving Iran.

UPDATE:  Trump says Carter “was a nice man” but a terrible president. Nice man. Was.

Dirty cop underscores his smear

Mueller just had to reiterate the vagueness that suggests otherwise: “If we had the confidence the president did not commit a crime we would have said so.”

It was. as Pocahontas put it: “…an impeachment referral, and it’s up to Congress to act. They should.”

The smear artist just didn’t have the guts to make it explicit, that’s all.

Rudy Giuliani: “What they’ve done here is a perversion.” Mueller had no case on either collusion or obstruction. “That’s all that matters from the point of view of a prosecutor. The real question is to whether it’s ethical at all for him to be discussing it or writing about it.”

Smear artists don’t care, do they Bob?

Via Breitbart

UPDATE: McCarthy emphasized the significance of Mueller having noted that it is Congress’ responsibility, not federal prosecutors, to discipline a sitting president.

MORE: The Federalist: His entire operation was a political hit job that trampled the rule of law. “He gave the game, and his nakedly political intentions, away repeatedly…”