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Biden FAA grounds Fox drone

Can’t be allowed to continue showing the thousands of illegals swarming across the Southern Border. People in flyover country might get the wrong idea and vote the wrong way. Before the grounding

UPDATE: 24 hours later, FAA allows the flights to resume. Cites traffic problems. How convenient.

Pandemic on us?

On our government, anyway, as Dr. Doom (Fauci) is found out to have lied to Congress about our funding of the Chinese lab that made Covid 19—after the Afghanistan cut-and-run I’d believe anything bad about the feds.

Lyin’ Biden

That’s the title of a new category hereabouts. Let’s start with the Tree of Life Synagogue which Biden claims to have visited after the 2018 massacre that killed 11. Not so, says the synagogue’s rabbi. Biden never did.

Barr the skunk

“What I am is an American patriot appalled at what has become of my country,” writes PJMedia exec Roger L. Simon in The Epoch Times. “And a great part of the problem—in its very essence—are people like [former AG] Barr and [ABC News’] Karl and the dance they do together [in The Atlantic]…a kind of preservation/elevation ritual for the Deep State and all who profit from it…

“Now [Barr] and Karl are collaborating to bury Donald Trump—or trying to.”

Still waiting for that Durham report/indictments Barr ordered up? Probably, as Simon says, for 2060. Wait on, suckers.

Via The Epoch Times

Barr DOJ’s sham

That would be Barr’s instigation of the so-called Durham probe of Obama-era government interference with Trump campaign and presidency. Having spent so little money in first six months is clue to how little Durham’s actually doing.

Via Judicial Watch

Austin PD in “death spiral”

With crime increasing, Austin’s leftist city council (read Dimocrats all) continues to pursue defunding the police. PJMedia’s source says: “As more units are cut, work conditions for those who stay will continue to deteriorate, causing more folks to leave, causing more units to be cut, and so on. It is basically a death spiral.”

Thanks a bunch, Mayor Adler and the other leftists. And now add Assistant District Attorney Trudy Strassburger, who is soliciting criminal indictments against police officers. Sure, that’ll help.

Signs on the lawns

I started seeing these signs, but with things like I Believe in Black Lives Matter (I don’t), on the lawn of my Reiki master’s place. I started to be irritated but shrugged it off. Reiki is Reiki. Needn’t drag politics into it.

Then, I saw this one and had a good chuckle.