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Gas prices thanks to Pedo Joe

“Gas prices are shooting up faster than the Biden vote count at 2 AM”

Via Kevin Sorbo on Twatter

Stoning electricity crews

Some people who’ve been without power or water for several days hereabouts are throwing rocks at Austin Energy crews. Not surprising but the wrong targets, folks. You need to find AE’s suits and stone them. Most particularly the city’s Dimocrat pols who pushed AE to get 25-42 percent of their power from unreliable windmills, and the big-money boys who invested in the windmills for the federal subsidies they pay out.

We, our ownselves, just came off a 15-hour outage, the second one in a week. Getting a little tired of this, y’all.

MORE: Turns out the vaunted ERCOT (Electrical Reliability Council of Texas) board lives out of state.

Dominion’s software steal

Finally, some proof of the software steal. In New Hampshire. Voting machines are corrupt. Very popular with dictators. Especially Dominion.

Via Gateway Pundit

The Portland wounded

“When do we get to hear from the federal officers defending the courthouse in Portland, who were blinded with lasers and wounded by incendiaries, while @JoeBiden called the rioters “peaceful protesters,” and @KamalaHarris called federal officers a “paramilitary”? #ImpeachmentTrial.”

Via Joel Pollak on Twatter

Land of the free

WASHINGTON, DC – An eight-foot tall steel fence topped with concertina razor wire circles the U.S. Capitol, and the Capitol Police want to make it permanent.

The Impeachment Fraud

Why keep hammering Trump when you’ve already got rid of him? Maybe because you know you cheated him out of election and you know at least 75 million voters know/suspect it. Not to mention Trump himself, who will surely continue to challenge the results.

So that without continued harassments to discredit him with some of those 75 million, your man Grampa Gropes looks mighty lame. Even if he has signed 52 executive orders, many more than any other president—including Trump who was branded a dictator for signing any. And because the Army national guard continues to guard the seat of our illegitimate government. Just like a third world dictatorship.

Welcome to the Resistance

“Until the people of the United States get a proper investigation into voter fraud (400,000 votes at 4am overturning the election) @JoeBiden will remain an illegitimate President.”

Via Katie Daviscourt on Twatter