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Nothing will be done, of course

In short, Victoria Taft of PJMedia says Durham’s report showed that the FBI:

  • Framed Trump as a Russian spy.
  • Had no legal predicate to investigate the Trump campaign.
  • Practiced two-tiered justice, one for Trump and another for Clinton.
  • Knew Hillary Clinton’s foundation was a money-laundering racket.
  • Knew Hillary Clinton destroyed evidence and did nothing about it.
  • Knew Hillary Clinton was framing Trump to distract from her email scandal.
  • Didn’t perform the most basic functions of an investigation.
  • Lied to get a FISA warrant due to pressure from James Comey.
  • Interfered with the Durham investigation by paying Steele source Danchenko.
  • Hid evidence of Carter Page’s innocence from investigation and warrant application.
  • Purposely deprived Donald Trump, et. al., of their good names, reputations, and millions of dollars in legal fees.
  • Used its authority to ruin people’s lives.
  • Helped further what attorney and radio host Mark Levin termed a “soft coup.”

Oddly, Durham made no recommended solutions, indictments, etc. No balls.

Biden abbetting the sale of children

“…the (Florida) grand jury reached the conclusion that the administration had been involved in “facilitating the forced migration, sale, and abuse of foreign children.”

No one was indicted. No business records violations, apparently.

Via PJMedia

Jan 6 unravels

“They won’t answer any questions, but we have a question, which is how in a free country guided by the Constitution were these people allowed to withhold evidence from Jacob Chansley’s lawyer? How could that happen?”

—Tucker Carlson, using security camera video tape to show how lying political liars lie.

Dims paid millions

Orders from the government

“Twitter acting by itself to suppress free speech is not a 1st amendment violation, but acting under orders from the government to suppress free speech, with no judicial review, is.” —-Elon Musk on Twitter.

Adios Crazy Nancy

“Nancy Pelosi’s classless act of ripping up (a copy of) President Trump’s SOTU speech (while he was giving it) defines her dishonorable legacy as Speaker. Nobody is more responsible for the polarization of US politics. Her lies, vicious smears, pious hypocrisy and corrupt personal enrichment top off a shameful tenure.” —NY Post journalist Miranda Devine

She’s not the first corrupt speaker and probably won’t be the last. But she was vicious.

The student debt shuck

“Student debt forgiveness is one of the reasons young voters voted Democrat Tuesday.”

Lyin’ Biden knew all along his election ploy was a shuck that would never happen. Now he’ll just forget about it. He didn’t mind wasting court time and, indeed, two federal judges have ruled his legislation-by-the-executive was unconstitutional. On to his next boondoggle.

Via New York Post