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Funeral services pending

“The Clintons announce funeral services are pending for Bill’s girlfriend, Ghislane.”

Via Juanita Broaddrick on Twitter

Seattle’s no-go zone

I hope the Muslims aren’t running it like the ones in Paris. But Antifa, nihilistic young trust-fund babies, could be worse. Two of the three arrested in Austin for looting were women, one sullen in her mug shot, the other bubbly.

They don’t really want territory. They want a revolution. Dislodging them will mean killing some of them. Since tear gas has stupidly been banned.

UPDATE:  Da Mayor says it’s a nice place while the police chief says extortion, rapes and robberies are going on.

Resign, Milley, resign

Imagine it. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army four-star Mark Milley, whacks President Trump in the NYSlimes. Officially interfering in the 2020 election.

You sorry, insubordinate paper soldier and swamp creature, you should resign immediately if not sooner. G-d help us if you’t.

UPDATE: PJMedia’s Joel Pollack: “For months, retired senior military leaders have made public comments suggesting that Trump ought to be removed from office, “the sooner, the better.” Last week, former Secretary of Defense James Mattis joined the others.

“With violent protesters surrounding the White House, these statements were ill-timed, at best. But the question remained how deeply the effort to delegitimize Trump pervaded the military leadership. [Milley’s] apology suggests a troubling answer…As a result of his needless apology, no matter what happens in November, the losing side will blame the military.”

Biden in on Flynn persecution

#Obamagate rolls on, now implicating finger-raper and pedo Joe Biden checking out the classified Flynn conversation with the Russian ambassador.


“What was his crime?,” a Rose Garden reporter asked President Trump of President Obama whom Trump had tweeted ran the most corrupt administration in history. Trump blew off the question by saying it was well known.

Yep. Conspiracy was the crime, orchestrating spying on the Trump campaign and subsequently on his administration, for years, until the Russia hoax fell apart.

My guess is Bull Durham will indict some people in the FBI and CIA but, at best, name Obama an unindicted co-conspirator. Probably just leave him alone to twist slowly in the wind, to use a famous Watergate quote. To keep giving his boilerplate, telepromptered speeches, which most people ignore because they’re boring.

He will also fight the President in word and deed to try and defeat him in November. Unseemly it may be, an ex-president attacking his successor, but whenever did a successor dismantle a predecessor’s legacy like Trump is doing to Barry? And he knew it was coming if he couldn’t undermine Trump.

Trump should pardon Obama

“We all know that Obama will never be held accountable for any wrongdoings. In the light of that, and to ‘heal the nation’s wounds,’ Trump should pardon Obama for any crimes he may have committed as president. Trumpists will appreciate the ruse, Leftists will be apoplectic, and some independents might even be inclined to view Trump as a man of great compassion. Win-win-win.”

Commenter Infidel1776 at Instapundit

Abusive governors, mostly Dims

“On Friday, House Republicans introduced a resolution condemning state and local leaders who have ‘abused their authority’ during the coronavirus crisis by ‘picking winners and losers’ and shutting down businesses. The Republicans called on Attorney General William Barr to review coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions across the U.S. and to take action against those that violate Americans’ constitutional rights.”

It’s not likely to pass the full, Dim majority House but AG Barr will get the message.

Via PJMedia