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The disappearing wiretaps

What the NYTimes reported existing on Jan. 20, it now reports never existed—weird, huh? (Photo via Arthur Schwartz on Twitter.)

Brett Stephens, over the edge

The former executive editor of the Jerusalem Post, Brett Stephens, has long been anti-Trump, but this is unforgivable:

“When will Republicans acknowledge that the President of the United States is mentally ill?”

As David Paul retweets: “Bret is the face of the self-immolating establishment.”

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What has Sessions recused himself from?

Is it the Dems hobbyhorse Russia-hacked-the-2016-presidential-election? Or is it something else, such as the FBI spying on the Trump campaign?

Neither supposedly is an ongoing investigation. The former was quietly put to bed after the FBI found nothing. The latter is just coming to light with Trump’s Twitter rant this morning about the Obama admin wiretapping him during the campaign. Naturally he cuts to the chase and accuses Barry of doing it. Naturally Barry, through a spokesman, denied personal involvement. A non-denial denial.

Certainly believable. Barry’s admin has done it before.

But now conservative bloggers like Instapundit and Powerline are calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the Obama admin’s wiretapping. And we’ll see whether that develops wings.

But, still, I ask you, just what has Atty Gen Sessions recused himself from?

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UPDATE:  Republican senator from Nebraska starts the ball rolling.

The Democrats in a nut shell


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Makes sense



Old but evergreen


For those among our rare readers who think Trump must now put away his Twitter account and start “behaving presidential,” consider this: Tweeting and dumping on the much-despised American news media went a long way to getting him elected. It worked. He isn’t likely to fix it.

The Audacity of Trump

The Wall Street Journal’s latest poll (in conjunction with the fake news leader NBC) showing Trump’s popularity underwater at just 38 percent is highly suspect. But they have a nice summary of all the things they hope he will be able to do, if he can work with Congress, as Barry Hussein could not.

“The new President will also have to reform a government that too few Americans trust, not least because of its indiscriminate intrusion into ever more of American life. This means fixing public services that people can see, such as an Internal Revenue Service that answers taxpayer questions, a veterans service that doesn’t kill veterans, and health insurance with more choices and lower premiums.”

But mainly they want and I expect most Americans who voted for Trump want a healthier, growing economy that brings more prosperity to more of us instead of just the Wall Street elite who kept Hussein rolling in the campaign dough and likewise took up what slack the Saudis didn’t provide the Hag of Benghazi.

“The White House should scrub every policy choice, first and foremost, against its impact on growth. Mr. Obama put his social and political preoccupations above growth, and the country and his Presidency suffered for it. The opening for Mr. Trump is that by removing Mr. Obama’s barriers to growth, he can unleash the business investment that has been so weak in this expansion.”

Do it, Donald. Keep the midnight Tweets, if you must, but get to work and Make America Great Again. Since you like to work more than you like to play golf, that shouldn’t be too hard for you. Show us what a man of action looks like.