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cBS’s “assault revolver”

With a “high-capacity magazine,” no less.

A wheel gun with a magazine, huh? Too funny. And very stoopid.

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Clinton sought tarmac meeting with Lynch

Interesting.. what the IG report says about the Bill Clinton/AttyGenLoretta Lynch tarmac meeting right before Hillary’s FBI interview:

“On p. 203 of IG report, ‘The OPA (Office of Public Affairs) Supervisor said that he later learned that fmr Pres. Clinton’s Secret Service detail had contacted Lynch’s FBI security detail to let them know that the former Pres. wanted to meet with Lynch.’ —Sharyl Attkisson on Twitter retweeting Alabama journalist Christopher Sign

So much for their chance meeting/talk of family and grandkids. But we didn’t believe that for a minute, did we? And it took a local Alabama journalist to ferret it out and report it. Whassup NYTimes?

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You can’t make this up

President Trump slammed the fake news for its conspiracy theories about his wife. Naturally he had to give some examples. That set the NYSlimes off:

“…repeating the kind of unfounded rumors about his wife that would normally attract legal action from him and his notoriously litigious family.”

Anything to continue the Mediacrats’ criticism narrative, eh?

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Santa Fe shooter broke gun laws

Too young to have a gun, carried a sawed-off shotgun, used illegal explosives…it’s almost as if (gasp) criminals don’t follow laws.

Yet the loony tune liberal solution is more laws: specifically (and illogically) to ban so-called “assault” rifles.

When we should be looking at our violence-loving culture in which the loony lib celebrities (and their political chums) who clamor for gun control make money (and political contributions) off movies and other “entertainment” celebrating gun violence.

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UPDATE: The Texas shooter wore combat boots and a trench coat and carried a shotgun—copycat items from the Columbine high school massacre of 1999. Was he (as were others) explicitly inspired by it?

Protecting the presidency

At some point in the swirling accusations and counter-accusations about Trump versus Mueller, who has kept quiet even as Trump comments on Twitter but probably is commenting by leak, there has to be concern for the office of the presidency. Andrew McCarthy at National Review:

“Unless Mueller can demonstrate that a serious crime has been committed, that Trump was complicit in it, and that Trump is in possession of evidence that is essential to the prosecution, [deputy AG] Rosenstein should bar him from seeking an interview, let alone issuing a subpoena demanding grand-jury testimony. This is not merely about protecting Trump; it is about protecting the office of the presidency.”

Only three presidential subpoenas have been issued: Clinton’s subpoena was withdrawn when he agreed to testify voluntarily in a civil case. Nixon’s criminal subpoena went away when he resigned. Only Jefferson stood up for the presidency when he declined to comply in a criminal case against his vice president.

Hopefully Trump will follow Jefferson’s lead and simply refuse to comply. Then let the House impeach him if they will and the Senate convict if they can. Impeachment has precedent. Mueller’s dangerous grandstanding does not.

UPDATE:  Reagan-appointed Virginia federal judge questioned Mueller’s indictment of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort on 13-year-old fraud charges: ““I don’t see what relation this indictment has with what the special counsel is authorized to investigate,” Ellis said to prosecutors. “You don’t really care about Mr. Manafort’s bank fraud. … What you really care about is what information Mr. Manafort could give you that would reflect on Mr. Trump or lead to his prosecution or impeachment.”


“I turned in my gun to stop gun violence. I sold my refrigerator to fight obesity. I cancelled my credit cards to stop fraud. I sold my car to stop drunk drivers. I threw away all my pens and pencils to avoid future spelling errors.”

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Adam Schiff: “Liar and leaker.”

I love Trump’s tweets. Called Tweet-tacks. Love this new rollicking back and forth with the White House. Which the deep state and the RINOs hate so much.