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“I turned in my gun to stop gun violence. I sold my refrigerator to fight obesity. I cancelled my credit cards to stop fraud. I sold my car to stop drunk drivers. I threw away all my pens and pencils to avoid future spelling errors.”

ClintonMSix14 on Twitter

Adam Schiff: “Liar and leaker.”

I love Trump’s tweets. Called Tweet-tacks. Love this new rollicking back and forth with the White House. Which the deep state and the RINOs hate so much.

Trump takes on the NFL kneelers

Drudge Report has a funny collection of headlines about it:

“President sticks it to sports world…Encourages supporters to leave stadiums…Tells owners to fire players…’Get Son of Bitch Off Field’…Goodell hits back…Players unleash…Union slams…BILLS ’emotional’…Kaepernick mom piles on…LeBron bashes ‘bum’…NAACP rallies behind NBA star…WARRIORS won’t visit White House…TAR HEELS out too…Dem calls for ALL players to kneel.”

What a hoot! They deserve it. Boy, do they deserve it. Turn it off#DumpNFL

Via Drudge Report

UPDATE:  Farewell to the National Football League

MORE:  Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers stayed in the locker room during the anthem. All but one: Alejandro Villanueva, an offensive lineman who served three tours in Afghanistan:

Austin lawyer booted over DeVos tweet

The news reports don’t characterize Rob Ranco’s politics, but just judging from his Twitter comment that Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos should be sexually assaulted, it’s pretty clear he’s an anti-Trump liberal if not a leftist.

Ranco got the boot from his Austin law firm Saturday and Austin Community College, where he teaches, is considering kicking him out as well. You’d think a lawyer would be more concerned with due process, which DeVos was upholding when she canceled Obama’s Title IX policy that forced colleges and universities to hold kangaroo courts over accusations of sexual assault. But apparently not.

Via Breitbart

UPDATE:  He has resigned from his Austin Community College gig, whether forced by the college is unclear. He also issued a formal apology to DeVos—which is the old say-what-you-want-then-apologize-routine.

Low IQ Mika gets it back

I had to laugh at Trump’s “face lift” “low IQ” retort to “Scarborough’s blonde ice mannequin/sex doll,” as Althouse commenter Basil Duke calls her. She’s been calling him names for months now.

I know. I watch them on the monitors at the J when I’m treadmilling. Not exclusively. I prefer Fox, hell, even CNN, which is anti-Trump 24/7. Nobody’s as rabidly nasty as the lefty clowns of MSNBC.

Comes the usual Never Trumper GOPe’s bedwetters complaining about his lack of presidential dignity. They were so much happier with W who meekly took the lefty shit. As ACE puts it: “We are not in a normal situation. Why do the sob sisters and pearl-clutchers of the Pretend Right insist on pretending the media’s behavior is normal and that it’s only Trump who’s guilty of ‘norm-breaking’?”

Why to keep shoving him towards impeachment, that’s why. Trump ain’t the type to care, obviously. He’s a New York City counter-puncher. Who, as another Althouse commenter, Drago puts it, “knows how to launch these lefties into Lefty Idiot Orbit.”

More power to him. He keeps them distracted while he does the real work.

Charles Hurt at the Washington Times loved it: “Of course, the puritanical schoolmarms of the political press went absolutely bonkers over Mr. Trump’s broadside of their fellow travelers. They scolded him that his Twitter missives were beneath the office of the president. Really, you mean like molesting an intern in the Oval Office? ‘Presidential’ like that?”

Via Althouse & Ace of Spades HQ.

UPDATE:  In a subsequent Tweet, the president referred to Scarborough as “crazy” and Mika as “dumb as a rock.”

Trump’s golden tweets

My comment on this WSJ piece walking back the media’s hysterical reactions to Trump’s tweets:

“Trump’s tweets are golden. As genuine as the man. Previous presidents have, after their multiple campaign promises, most of them to henceforth be forgotten, disappeared behind spokesfolk and telepromptered speeches. Trump is different. Hooray for the difference.”

So far, sixteen twenty people liked it.

UPDATE:  Read Townhall columnist Rachel Alexander’s “The Genius of Trump’s Tweets.”

I like your tweets, DJT

And I hope you keep them up. They are a refreshing change from the usual establishment play of presidents hiding behind spokesfolk and telepromptered speeches.

“The Fake News Media hates when I use what has turned out to be my very powerful Social Media – over 100 million people!” Trump tweeted. “I can go around them.”

Indeed you can and you have to all our benefit. Don’t let the fake news of the Mediacrats get you down. Much less tell you what to do.

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