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Mask Nazis

That’s what the attendants and conductors were on our train trip to Oklahoma City and back again. They kept threatening to put us off in nowhere if they caught us without masks and they frequently walked the aisles in coach to see if they could catch anyone. But that’s government railroad for you. Doesn’t matter that we are vaccinated. The rules are the rules. Stupid.

Off to Higgins

Via Amtrak this morning.

A Wren in my sleep

Bar has this app that records our sleep on her iPhone. Getting lots of coughing and snoring from both of us and talk from me.

The latest talk was a knockout we’re still puzzling: Me saying “My Wren,” followed by a Wren calling and afterwards me saying “My Wren” again. It was the call that was the knockout. It was loud, sounding on the recording as if the Wren was in the bedroom with us. But it wasn’t. And it didn’t sound as if it was outside, either. Weird.

Reiki getting stronger

Took only seconds to clear pain in Bar’s hip (the left, feminine one) the other night and her lower back, right on the root chakra. Self-practice of Reiki helps, I think, storing up the energy in me.


I am embarked on the study and practice of Reiki. It seems to help Bar’s breathing and that’s worth the price ($100 to $500) of becoming a First Degree Reiki practitioner. Meanwhile I self practice and Bar practice. Practice, according to Reiki Master Pamela Miles is what it’s all about.

Via Pamela Miles

UPDATE: I have a Sunday morning appointment with an Austin Reiki master for a first-time healing session and discussion of how/when I can be trained. “You’re in for a treat,” she said. Most of the local masters are women.

Named for a Greek goddess….

…Charis, for beauty and elegance. Must say the front end of the Toyota Yaris isn’t beautiful or elegant but the number one daughter liked the whole well enough. So, with her Chevy Sonic in death throes at 170,000 mostly highway miles (are all American cars shit?), and Covid (and our Dimocrat mayor’s lockdowns) having rendered her almost broke, we bought her a used 2020, the last year the brand will be made in the USA.

But with only 30,000 miles on it it’s predicted to last another 270,000 miles—Car & Driver, I think it was. It is black, the most dangerous car color, and most costly to insure. But, as I say, she liked it. Even got a bit cheeky about it, saying “If I have a choice….” So all’s well as ends well.


Barbara Ellen logged off from work early today, struggling with an elephant sitting on her chest, making it hard to breathe, and a splitting headache. No fever, however, all day. Then, of course, there is the recent news of possibly no fever for three or four days in some Covid cases. Which she fears she has because of the aforementioned elephant. Time will tell.

At least she has no more back nor hip pain, thanks to Shawna, for a month now. But S. was not able to help improve BE’s breathing much even before the elephant arrived. Which limits the amount of oxygen in her blood. So we’ll wait and watch. She’s only in her mid-fifties, so she should otherwise be able to get through it. Fast as we can dose her with Resmedivir if needed.

UPDATE: BE tested negative for Covid, a few hours ago, at the minor emergency center on Far West Boulevard. They said her symptoms seemed fluish, which is likely since she failed to get a flu shot.