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Distance healing

Barbara Ellen is feeling better after yesterday’s hour-plus session with telephone distance healer Shawna Ristic. Californian Shawna scored big right out of the gate in assessing BE’s energy as deflecting somehow, as in look-over-here, look-over-there. Which BE confirmed is due to her introverted preference of being invisible.

The pain in her lower back is still gone a day later and the pain in her hip has returned but quite a bit less than before the session. Give Shawna a try!

UPDATE: Six days later, the pain is gone, except after lying on one side asleep, but it disappears quickly upon arising. We expected the chiropractic experience, of a few days relief, not a miracle.

Goodbye, Eva

My step-daughter’s kitty Eva was put down the other night by an ER vet who said she had few red blood cells and most likely had cancer. Her boyfriend was with her and she described how as Eva was going under she reached for them both making biscuits as it’s called with her paws.

She knew she was going home and wanted to say goodbye. Adios, Eva.

Home til January

Barbara Ellen got word this morning that her corporation is extending work-from-home until January. White collar information workers can do that. Blue collar skills not so much.

Buying a tv

A smart one, no less, after nine months without one of any kind. Smallish, to cover the fireplace which Bar and I agree is unlikely to be used for fires from worrying about Checkers the cat getting into the dying embers.

Should have access to YouTube and etc. Already paying for Spectrum cable (packaged with Internet which we do use), but found we were satisfied with watching stuff on our phones. Until…

Came down to Bar’s missing the History channel and Animal Planet. Besides, it’s time to do our part for revival of the consumer economy since we can afford it and many can’t. Stay tuned.

Thunderbirds flyover

Bar and I watched the six-bird formation flyover of Austin live yesterday on my smart phone, since the F-16 jets were too far south of the mini-rancho to see them otherwise.

Really cool. And so is this Aggie pilot’s clip of his in-formation, over-Austin video which we can presume from the unwavering picture wasn’t taken with a smart phone but some rig to let him concentrate on his dangerous formation flying. All that weight, all that power, in such close proximity.


Of masks and men

Finally got the new mask Bar ordered that straps under the ears and velcros behind the head. Works good, though it’s hard to breath. I almost passed out the other day at the grocery.

Of plumbers and electricians

Had to issue fliers to all residents of our building about plumbers cutting off the water between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. tomorrow to replace a faucet that feeds the new fridge’s ice-maker. Ice just tastes bad with the existing, old and corroded faucet.

Now need to get an electrician in to replace some light bulbs with LEDs, and four ceiling fan blades that are just too high for us fogies to balance on a step-ladder, when our balance is fairly screwed up. Especially mine at age 76.