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Checkers not eating again

Barbara Ellen’s beloved cat Checkers is not eating and vomiting up whatever is force fed. Appetite pills haven’t worked, nor anti-nausea ones. Taking him to the vet this morning for another consultation. Nothing tried in a month has worked for long. Poor Checkers is starving. At this rate he won’t live long.

UPDATE: Checkers has a broken tooth whose pain may be preventing eating. Opiod pain med prescribed will stimulate appetite (does for cats but not in humans) Blood work pretty normal. Anti-nausea injection may help for 36 hours. Tooth extraction be later in week after pain med had chance to take hold, otherwise general anesthesia be problematic.

Checkers and Eva

Two mixed-breed cats came with Barbara Ellen to live with us at the rancho. Checkers, her six year old favorite, and Eva, her daughter’s cat who specializes in mischief while her daughter is away.

Checkers has a sinus infection for which he’s taking antibiotics so he sleeps most of the time. Eva, the evil one I call her, spends her time pulling things out of drawers and sleeping in cabinets. We’re slowly adjusting to each other.

Mr. Boy keeps his bedroom room door closed to keep them out after I had to close the study door to keep them from chewing on the electronics cables. We keep our bedroom door closed to keep them from climbing on us while we’re asleep. Otherwise they have the run of the place. Unlike Senor Gato, otherwise known as Pumpkin, they’re strictly indoor cats.

The problem of the unhungry cat

Checkers, short for Chubby Checkers, is my love Barbara’s cat. As such he has come to live with us too. Mostly black with white socks and a partially white face he’s a very loving animal.

Problem is he won’t eat. Force fed he throws it up. Drinks water so he’s hydrated. Just won’t eat. Has lost three pounds in a week, down from 17 to 14. Still chubby. Has a drooping big belly. Got to fill it with something besides water. Got to.

UPDATE:  He’s eating! Could the solution have been as simple as switching a plastic food bowl for a ceramic one? Cats abhor change and Checkers has had plenty lately.

Rule 5: Barbara Ellen

My beloved big girl when she was 18. I was only 41. Could of been a match.


We two. We happy two. Me and Barbara Ellen.


Took my darlin’ Barbara Ellen shootin’ at Red’s in Pflugerville over the weekend. She loved it. Noise didn’t hurt her ears and she had one tight group plus a lot of wandering shots with my Ruger semi-auto .22. We’ll go again soon. She’ll get better. Love women with guns.