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Big storm forecast

On Monday, the 21st that is. beginning lightly in the morning but getting windier and stormier as the day goes on. Spring is mostly storm time for us, through May, and sometimes extending into the summer. Got a new snaky “sand” bag for the step-daughter to use, if necessary, on her new ground-level apartment’s front door. The concrete surround looks flat to me. with no drainage. And the storage room hollow door a few yards away has a sprung back panel (from sitting in standing water?). We shall see. Better safe than sorry. If it does rain hard enough for the water to pond, we’ll probably lose electricity for a few hours. Which is par here in liberal land.

UPDATE: Light rain most of the day, moderate wind and no electric outages at the Canyon. But half a dozen tornadoes seen on the ground around Central Texas, ones in Elgin to our east and Round Rock to our north caused major damage. No fatalities, minor injuries. The snaky sandbag didn’t get used but is ready for the next time.

Vehicle registrations

We never have received our new stickers, despite having paid for them: me, BE and step-daughter. So I’m headed for the county tax assessor tomorrow to turn in new applications for them and pay again, presumably. Ain’t government fun?

UPDATE: Learned the tax office is losing employees to Covid and other problems and is backlogged for everyone. Plus you have to make an appointment to see them and the earliest we could make one is April 15. That’s months after our stickers have expired. Only good thing is since the cops have been defunded locally, i.e. reduced in strength, we’re not likely to be stopped and ticketed.

The wren

A wren landed on the tip of BE’s shoe and cocked his head to look up at her. Then it flew to a nearby tree and sat watching her while she told it how beautiful it was. Thanks, Deb.

Working for the deposit

BE and daughter are beavering away at her old rental place, trying to get it spotlessly clean so she can get her $1k plus deposit back. Only problem is beater ex-boyfriend has a key and he opens the place up to any and all after they leave. Plus tracking in muddy footprints himself.

The swans

Big, heavy Lucite swans, two of them, about three feet tall and wide, were the hardest thing to move today from BE’s daughter’s rent house. Fortunately we just sat and watched, and briefly debated with the mover, about how to get them into his truck. At one point we were going to have an hour or so to wait until they were crated. He was that worried about damaging them. But finally he and his helper carried them and we were almost done.

Took nine hours to get everything out and into stepdaughter’s new, smaller rental in a fourplex in a nicer neighborhood. She had to work. Bigwigs from corporate in town at the last minute. So we supervised and briefly debated, and finally got it done. Only one thing broken. Of sentimental value, unfortunately. Cost: a whopping $2k. How much of that was inflation and how much gas prices, we wonder. Just glad it’s over.

Reiki masters

Bar and I are master-teachers now, nine months after getting Reiki I training and, for me, daily practice ever since for me and her and a few other family and friends. Doubt I will ever teach it but master level is cool for various reasons, none of which I’m supposed to talk about.

Cookie day

Bar is already into mixing butter and sugar for her annual cookie/candy extravaganza. Waiting for her daughter and a friend who have promised to come help but they have been known to be derelict on their promises.