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Helping Parents Heal

I like this outfit and I recently sent the link to my OCS forum because I know of several who have lost children (of whatever age). Perhaps it will help you also.

Beyond the Reiki Gateway

Is a new (January of this year) podcast by Kathleen Johnson and Andrea Kennedy, which is fun to listen to. Even if their names evoke memory of the 1960 Dimocrat presidential ticket. Odd. Nevertheless, these two Reiki masters have some interesting things to discuss. Johnson, the elder of the pair (as on the ticket), says Reiki (primarily a healing modality) opens the practitioner to multiple experiences and possibilities such as past lives. Obscure enough for you? We’re talking soul and spirit energy here. With more to come.

UPDATE: For the diehard debunkers, alias skeptics, albeit with closed minds.

Buddha at the Gas Pump

Just finished listening to an enjoyable two-hour interview by Rick Archer with medium Suzanne Giesemann. Archer’s Buddha at the Gas Pump is a cool web site and podcast of almost 600 interviews with the spiritually awakening.

Reincarnation Blues

For instance, a shark offshore of the Florida Keys who had been “the Strawberry Queen for the 1985 Strawberry Festival in Troy, Ohio…for now, though, it swam and was hungry, and swam and was hungry.” An Afterlife tale that’s very engaging.

By Michael Poore via Samantha Fay at the Psychic Teachers podcast.


This is one of the best interviews on this topic that I’ve heard. Believe or don’t believe. Know or don’t know. Terri Daniel is amazing.

Waking Up To Love

What a wonderful love story. Told with simplicity and charm. Be prepared for tears, but the warm and fuzzy kind.


So true