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The James Ossuary

JNS was the source of a story I saw recounting a 20-year-old argument over whether a limestone ossuary (bone box) was authentic or an elaborate forgery. If real it authenticates for the first time (other than the New Testament) that Jesus existed. So I got interested. If you’re not, like I am not, a biblical scholar, you may still find it interesting.

“Clearly, if the James ossuary came from the Talpiot tomb, most would agree that the probability of that tomb being associated with Jesus of Nazareth and his family reaches a high level of likelihood,” James D. Tabor

That’s nice, but Jesus’s presence in the Afterlife, as recounted by many Christian NDEers would seem to be proof enough.

Via University of Arizona


On Grey’s Anatomy, a still-running doctor/medical show that began in 2005. Probably the best thing on Netflix, keeping it from bankruptcy. Coolest part is that black actors are the authority figures, managing four whites and an Asian. Although of the five original interns, only two are left. Which is a pity because I am/was hooked on them all, quite invested in their roles. Best episode so far: Meredith’s first near-death experience. She had a second one as well.

Black Mirror Scrying

Awaiting Etsy’s delivery of a black scrying mirror made from obsidian and a glass pocket mirror in a watch case. Reading Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s “The Art of Black Mirror Scrying,” recommended by the Psychic Teachers and other podcasts. More to come.

Our Vietnam dead

Remembering our “lost” on this Vietnam Veterans Day. Curious that we have a day to ourselves.

KIA were Infantry OCS graduate Jacob Lee Kinser, tactical officers Reese Michael Patrick & Daniel Lynn Neiswender. And four dropouts: Sherry Joe Hadley, Reese Currenti Elia, Robert Kendrick Chase, and Jeffrey Sanders Tigner.

Not really lost, just “home” in the Greater Reality before us. Blessings on you all.

Helping Parents Heal

I like this outfit and I recently sent the link to my OCS forum because I know of several who have lost children (of whatever age). Perhaps it will help you also.

Staying In Touch

Is an ebook I wrote last year for my son about my staying in touch with his physically-deceased mother. I sent a copy to an OCS chum who says he communicates with his ex-wife and her mother on the Other Side through prayer. I do it through vivid dreams and meditation. Staying In Touch is also a summary of what I had learned up to that point about the hereafter. And it has a bibliography of some of the many books I have read on the subject. I suspect many people do this who wouldn’t dream of talking about it with others for fear of ridicule. I’m quite past that.

Stale cookie recovery

A tip from my mother-in-law in spirit: Put a slice of bread in the cookie box and wait a day or two. The stale cookies leach the water from the bread to soften them up. The bread goes stiff as a board but you can just throw it away.