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Going home

Good old friend from Mississippi going home after a brief remission ended. Says she’s opted out of more surgeries because the tumors are too extensive and she doesn’t have the strength for recovery. Also on a feeding tube because of vomiting and morphine for the pain.

She shared a beautiful NDE  from this time last year, and is looking forward to going home. Though she bragged that being of yeoman stock she will be hard to kill.

“I was surrounded by white and gold angel wings—just barely moving in radiant light. No angels, just angel-shaped wings of different sizes…I begged to go but was told I had to stay behind.”

Begging to stay is normal for an NDE, of which I have heard/read many. So is being denied for some remaining effort left to do. Usually unexplained. I have read that we get what we expect. Devout Christians meet Jesus, who has a sense of humor. Jews hear Ha-shem (the name) who often is playful. Atheists meet their ancestors. All very compelling.

My friend will be happy to be with her husband of many years who passed young. So I’m happy for her. And you and all of us. Only the body dies. We are eternal.

Gordon Smith

Scottish medium Gordon Smith has a beautiful book for anyone who is grieving. “Through My Eyes: A medium reveals the reassuring truth about the afterlife.” Try it, if you are grieving or know someone who is.

Happy Birthday, Chuck

He was a drinker, in the 6th Cav in late 1968 and I’m not so we didn’t spent much time together. Nor were we friends altho together in basic, ait and ocs. I got to know him at the 2003 reunion at Benning. When he was years away from drinking and struggling with COPD. Neat guy. He passed on 9/18/2020.

I’ll never forget him trying to get me to go Airborne with him, when we were in casual company awaiting security clearances to go to OCS. I thought he was nuts. I then had no desire to jump out of airplanes. He didn’t either, apparently, as he didn’t go either. Now I sometimes wonder what it would have been like.

He was smarter than me about the Army and so didn’t volunteer for anything that I know of. “All you college boys raise your hand,” the sergeant said. Up went mine. Not Chuck’s. So I got to shovel coal for barracks boilers without his companionship. He probably had a good laugh over it. Looking after his widow George Anne, now, I’m sure.

The James Ossuary

JNS was the source of a story I saw recounting a 20-year-old argument over whether a limestone ossuary (bone box) was authentic or an elaborate forgery. If real it authenticates for the first time (other than the New Testament) that Jesus existed. So I got interested. If you’re not, like I am not, a biblical scholar, you may still find it interesting.

“Clearly, if the James ossuary came from the Talpiot tomb, most would agree that the probability of that tomb being associated with Jesus of Nazareth and his family reaches a high level of likelihood,” James D. Tabor

That’s nice, but Jesus’s presence in the Afterlife, as recounted by many Christian NDEers would seem to be proof enough.

Via University of Arizona


On Grey’s Anatomy, a still-running doctor/medical show that began in 2005. Probably the best thing on Netflix, keeping it from bankruptcy. Coolest part is that black actors are the authority figures, managing four whites and an Asian. Although of the five original interns, only two are left. Which is a pity because I am/was hooked on them all, quite invested in their roles. Best episode so far: Meredith’s first near-death experience. She had a second one as well.

Black Mirror Scrying

Awaiting Etsy’s delivery of a black scrying mirror made from obsidian and a glass pocket mirror in a watch case. Reading Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s “The Art of Black Mirror Scrying,” recommended by the Psychic Teachers and other podcasts. More to come.

Our Vietnam dead

Remembering our “lost” on this Vietnam Veterans Day. Curious that we have a day to ourselves.

KIA were Infantry OCS graduate Jacob Lee Kinser, tactical officers Reese Michael Patrick & Daniel Lynn Neiswender. And four dropouts: Sherry Joe Hadley, Reese Currenti Elia, Robert Kendrick Chase, and Jeffrey Sanders Tigner.

Not really lost, just “home” in the Greater Reality before us. Blessings on you all.