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Tidbit remodel guy

…is due in an hour or so. Unclear to me whether this is for an estimate or actually getting the work done. Will find out. And Bar has a job interview (via Skype or some such) in the early afternoon. Busy day ahead.

UPDATE:  Tidbit done, expensively, but I couldn’t risk stringing fairy lights across a 15-foot-tall back porch with my balance problems, rehanging a window screen in scorpion heaven (i.e. a rock shelf), hanging two large mirrors correctly and drilling straight holes for ceramic pull knobs on kitchen cabinets. All done. The fairy lights (miniature LED Xmas lights) look cool on this overcast day. Bar’s work is yet to come.

MORE:  Bar says her interview went well. Results next week.

Tidbit remodels

Got a handyman coming Friday to hang two living room mirrors, drill holes in kitchen cabinets for ceramic pull knobs, string fairy lights on the back porch and retrieve a screen fallen off a window and rehang it.

Meanwhile the neighbor’s re-modelers are putting down hardwood flooring and making plenty of noise doing it. I guess they’re not really tidbitting.

Twin Pecan Trees

That’s what I’ve decided are the twin grandfather trees off our back porch at Neely’s Canyon. By the shape of their leaves, which are spearhead-like.

And that explains why the squirrels like to play on them, says Barbara Ellen. Ah, but I have seen them play on big oaks, too.

Too bad we can’t gather their pecans, but they are deeply rooted a good hundred feet down the steep slope of the canyon and therefore unreachable. Chiefly because it would be a bear for us two old fogies  to climb back up.

“Orders” from the pols

Travis County has now joined Austin city in “ordering” us residents to stay home from midnight tonight until April 13. To try to slow the spread of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus.

We can go to the grocery, the doctor, do outdoor exercise, and etc “that contribute to the health of the public” but not, apparently, go to work. That should effectively kill many small businesses, which will not “contribute to the health of the public” employed by them.

President Trump has suggested (not ordered) a return to work by Easter, a week later than which is the 13th, to save the economy. Not to mention the livelihoods of so many people. Small business carries half of America’s employment.

Working from home

Easy for information workers, like us, who could work from the beach if we chose. Bar is set up with my old laptop on her analyst job. Getting a new one delivered soon. Our upstairs neighbor, an accountant, brought in two monitors yesterday to work from home. I am retired, so it’s just another day.

UPDATE:  Bar’s server keeps crashing and losing her work. Twice so far. Too many people on the system, apparently.

Kitchen fini?

The replacement has finished the crown and window molding and is due back today to paint it and a new six-panel solid wood door. That will do it. At last.

UPDATE:  Door on order until the 24th, molding getting painted.

MORE: All done but the door. Replacement took a iPhone snap of his work and shook my hand. I waited until he left and then washed it with soap and warm water. My preference to hand-sanitizers.

Kitchen almost done

A few mistakes but mostly very good cabinets repainted Bright White and likewise the ceiling with new, very light-blue Tame Teal (SW5767) walls.

Crown and window molding to go and painting of new six-panel pantry door. Monday, early, they said and, indeed, they were early Friday and Saturday. We’re putting our stuff back slowly, gratefully, evicting what we don’t need.

UPDATE: Two drawers no longer fit and the pantry door is cheap hollow-core, so door will have to be replaced and drawers fixed before molding can go up.