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Mild winter

Going into the final week of our usual winter, i.e. January, it’s time to pronounce this a mild one. Not a hard freeze yet. Let alone a week in the 30s. Which is sort of too bad, since it means more bugs this year.

Cedar fever still elevated. But nice amount of rain, so we get the trade-off. Wildflowers should be good in the spring, starting in about four weeks.

Bale of hay

Someone set a small bale of hay in the mini-rancho’s carport. Since we have no horses or cows hereabouts I’ll have to assume it’s for the white-tailed deer that roam the property. I didn’t know deer ate hay. Did you?

Apparently, under certain circumstances, they do.

The long drive

From the canyon to Home Depot on FM 620 South is a long way by any calculation. But it has to be to score some good crown molding. 620 is the only store that carries what I want. This.

I went yesterday for seven 8-foot sections, all that would fit in the CRV. Back this morning for six more will round out what we need for two bedrooms at the mini-rancho. Worth it. Going to be beautiful. Pictures when I get them.

UPDATE:  It wasn’t enough. Had to go back for three more 8-footers.


Ice on Ruby this morning, wipers frozen to the windshield, but Bar made it alright to work. Only a few icy patches in the highway before she got there.

Forecast snow didn’t materialize in our portion of Neely’s Canyon. Consumes about eighteen acres and all densely treed so hard to tell about elsewhere. Twenty-nine degrees at Camp Mabry at 8 a.m., probably cooler in the canyon.

Prince of the Canyon

A stud muffin of Neely’s Canyon’s white-tailed deer, come to see about our feeding of carrots and peanuts to his herd. He grew the big, trophy horns thanks to the ‘no  hunting’ law in the Austin city neighborhood which overlooks the city- and county-managed Balcones Canyonlands Preserve.