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Going home

Good old friend from Mississippi going home after a brief remission ended. Says she’s opted out of more surgeries because the tumors are too extensive and she doesn’t have the strength for recovery. Also on a feeding tube because of vomiting and morphine for the pain.

She shared a beautiful NDE  from this time last year, and is looking forward to going home. Though she bragged that being of yeoman stock she will be hard to kill.

“I was surrounded by white and gold angel wings—just barely moving in radiant light. No angels, just angel-shaped wings of different sizes…I begged to go but was told I had to stay behind.”

Begging to stay is normal for an NDE, of which I have heard/read many. So is being denied for some remaining effort left to do. Usually unexplained. I have read that we get what we expect. Devout Christians meet Jesus, who has a sense of humor. Jews hear Ha-shem (the name) who often is playful. Atheists meet their ancestors. All very compelling.

My friend will be happy to be with her husband of many years who passed young. So I’m happy for her. And you and all of us. Only the body dies. We are eternal.

Dental work

Sigh. I hate going to the dentist. But with two broken teeth in the front, I figured I had little choice. Unless I want to look like Jethro from the hills. Turns out they broke because they were decayed and all the other natural ones on the lower level are likewise. They don’t hurt because at my age the nerves have calcified.

I got all the lower crowns and then put off going for checkups when I was helping Mrs. Charm fight for her life and when she lost it to cancer I was in bad grief for two years. Plus helping the Aggie get through high school and into college. Followed by a new marriage and more distractions.

Anyway, this time extractions and implants are advised, and to the tune of about $32,000. Yipes.

No cancer

Amazing. Considering a few months ago she was under a death sentence. But that’s what her latest CT Scan shows, my Mississippi friend, no cancer. Now all she has to defeat is the chemo-induced neuropathy in her right foot, which makes driving impossible. Going to check out a hand-controlled car.

My colonoscopy

Coming up tomorrow. With an enema a couple of hours before, it’s easy. Just gentle laxatives before hand but they hardly seem necessary. Much better than all the horrible stuff I had to drink a few years ago.

I’m back on the probe after just three years this time (it was to be this time in 2020 but Covid intervened) because some pre-cancer polyps were found in 2018. Figures. I’m getting older and I have the genetic inheritance. Genes: G-d’s playdoh.

Chemo went well

My Mississippi friend said her second round of chemo went better than the first. Except for joint pain. That’s good news, but her cancer is still at stage 4 and spreading. All the chemo is doing is buying time.

UPDATE: I’m now sending her Reiki every day, in hopes of helping reduce her pain and help her relax.

Distance Reiki

Sending distance Reiki to my Mississippi friend, not in hopes of actually healing her cancer but to relax her and reduce her pain in the aftermath of chemo and surgery which her daughter talked her into. Daughter says she has “a great outlook” but my friend writes that she’s wearing an ileostomy bag that feels like “a rattlesnake strapped to my waist.”

It’s understandable that children want mothers to live if at all possible, but Stage 4 that has metastasized seems beyond possibility. And treatment is only giving her mother unnecessary pain and humiliation.


Finally got a confirmation of the visual I experienced while meditating and sending distance Reiki a few weeks ago, an ambulance in the driveway of a dear friend in Mississippi. I didn’t want to disturb her by asking about it but now I don’t have to as she wrote me that she has stage 4 cancer and not much longer to live in the physical.