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Lyin’ Biden’s energy hikes

“A gallon of gasoline costs $1.29 more today than it did this time last year. The U.S. Energy Information Administration forecasts that this winter Americans will be paying 30% more for natural gas, 43% more for heating oil, 6% more for electricity, and 54% more for propane to heat their homes than they did last winter – and even more if the weather is colder than normal. Higher energy costs have a disproportionate impact on vulnerable populations, including minority and low- and fixed-income households. These costs are essentially a regressive tax on the poor.”

What happens when you cut back supply by closing pipelines and federal lands to drilling.

Via Real Clear Energy


Here’s my offer: $10 a gallon gas by spring, certainly by summer. The idea is to drive us all to public transportation (buses, light rail, bicycles, etc.) Or electric cars. Unless the Saudis bail us out, but even then the price won’t go down by much.

Most people can’t afford electric cars, nor the replacement of the battery after it craters. Just daily recharging is expensive and takes hours. I am luckily retired. Those that must get to work every day are going to take it in the shorts. 

$120,000 is average pay for feds

More than, actually.

“In fact, pay for individual federal workers has kept growing each year thanks to both cost-of living raises and “step” increases. The federal pay escalator kept on running right through the recession. Meanwhile, federal workers enjoy job security [civilians] can only dream of.”

Notice none of them lost their jobs over the Wuhan Virus.

Via Instapundit

Diesel already at $10 a gallon

At least in Lancaster, California (north of Los Angeles) where regular unleaded is $7 a gallon. Guess which one trucks use? And what travels by truck? Just about everything.

American economic death spiral

“The White House has effectively put a blockade on new contracts for cheap and efficient natural energy production, leading to skyrocketing energy prices across the nation. Under the guise of “climate action” and “Build Back Better” statism, the government is doing its best to destroy a massive sector of the economy.”

Build Back Bankrupt will be more like it for millions of people and Lyin’ Biden doesn’t care. After the prosperity-for-all of the Trump years, the impact on families will be devastating.

Via The Dossier & investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel (with thanks to Benjamin Goldstein)

UPDATE: Case you suspect me of exaggeration, Lyin’ Biden’s own energy secretary has celebrated the end of gasoline and other fossil fuels.

Electric cars

That’s what Lyin’ Biden intends to force us all to buy by raising gasoline prices beyond what most people can afford. Trouble is the existing electric cars are either too expensive (Tesla goes for about $70,000); too mundane (the Chevy Bolt at $33,000) or a replacement battery costs almost as much as the car (The $27,000 Nissan Leaf can replace for about $15,000). Other than disliking being forced by lying politicians to do anything, I’m thinking it may be wiser to walk. Or ride a bicycle, like the rest of the world’s peasantry. Or continue working from home, for those who are able to do so.

When gas hits $10 a gallon

That’s when Lyin’ Biden’s friends and security better watch his back. He’s done it on purpose, canceling pipelines, and closing oil fields, to supposedly solve global warming. I doubt the climate will be impressed but widespread poverty (from gasoline and climbing electricity rates) leading to a full-on depression will definitely get people’s attention. Inflation is just the beginning, folks. Voters, even the millions of illegals Biden is bringing into the country to vote Dimocrat, won’t like the combination of rising prices and declining assets. Will the Dimocrat party ever recover?