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Eight hundred gloves

Or 400 pairs of white, cotton gloves. Ordered by mistake on the Internet. You gotta watch what you click, obviously. We could become mimes.

Our masks on order

Not N95s, nor plain cloth ones. Bar ordered two Halloween masks for us, a friendly bear and a kitten. If you gotta wear a mask, and we’re supposed to now, you might as well do it in style.

UPDATE:  More seriously, Bar is crocheting a wraparound to cover folded paper towels to hold them over the nose and mouth. Only problem is they will have to be washed after each use. But we don’t go out that often.

MORE: Didn’t really work. Too confining. Be hot, too. So she’s turned to crocheted hair ties to use with a video-product I saw on Twitter. And we also have two kitty masks that cover the head with just eye openings.

Who was that masked man?

Old line from an old radio and later TV show of my youth, The Lone Ranger. Except his mask was only around his eyes. Our masks will cover nose and mouth. Coming soon to a town near you—already in Laredo.

The Viral Rocket Ship

As long as I’m going to do national, I suppose I should relate the latest shenanigans of the Dimocrats and the Lamestream Media (but I repeat myself) but I’m only inclined just now to keep up with the Wuhan virus.

And Trump, who looks genuinely worried, and who wouldn’t be being the cause of so much tragedy as he takes expert advice and advises staying home and thousands of small businesses crater, says Lousiana fataltities from the virus “went like a rocket ship” to today’s 239 dead. At one point they lost 150 in 24 hours.

He said these next two weeks are going to be painful. I’m sure they will be for him, bless his heart.

Via Breitbart News Syndicate

UPDATE:  The mortality rate is picking up, already doubling that of the ordinary flu

“Orders” from the pols

Travis County has now joined Austin city in “ordering” us residents to stay home from midnight tonight until April 13. To try to slow the spread of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus.

We can go to the grocery, the doctor, do outdoor exercise, and etc “that contribute to the health of the public” but not, apparently, go to work. That should effectively kill many small businesses, which will not “contribute to the health of the public” employed by them.

President Trump has suggested (not ordered) a return to work by Easter, a week later than which is the 13th, to save the economy. Not to mention the livelihoods of so many people. Small business carries half of America’s employment.

Death Panel in Italy

It’s a blanket one: No one over 60 gets a hospital breathing machine should their condition require it. Triage, in other words. Front-line stuff.

Leave it to the daily…

…the very struggling leftist daily, to join the news media herd and play PC identity games in whacking Trump for his calling the Wuhan virus the China virus. Oh, grow a pair why doncha, you sheep, you scolds?

UPDATE:  Conservative magazine The Epoch Times prefers “Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus” for the disease sweeping the globe. Credit where credit is due.