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Now here’s an idea, move the blog to Substack and (potentially) get paid by subscribers who want to pay to read my undying prose. Hmm. Not likely, as I haven’t drawn many steady readers here for free. But it’s an idea worth pursuing if I can come up with a new format and focus for them. Say, on Reiki, perhaps. Or after-death communication. Something I care enough about to write interesting articles. We shall see.

Newspaperman, A Memoir

My old editor Don Hatfield is very kind to me, one of his first hires at the defunct Huntington (WVA) Advertiser, and herein captures perfectly my angry young combat veteran’s flippant attitude.

Don had a roguish air about himself back then in 1973, with long dark hair perpetually falling over one eye. But I learned from him and his young editors not to editorialize in news copy, as is unfortunately too common today. “If you don’t put it in, I can’t take it out,” one of them told me.

I was determined to write fiction on the side and my opinions sometimes leaked into my reporting. I soon moved on but was so infected by Don and the newspaper virus that I stayed in the biz for 32 more years. I didn’t actually publish any fiction until the advent of Amazon’s CreateSpace.

Striving for objectivity in the gathering and presentation of the news may not be so common nowadays but it is of the most benefit to any community and that was the nobler game Don was always after. His thoughtful memoir is well worth your time and money. And may G-d comfort him for the loss of his wife and three children.

Mrs Charm’s latest awardees

We get their thank-you letters. One in 2017 and two this year. Two Hispanics and one apparent black. I dislike confining the awardees to minorities but Mrs. C. might not and the University of Texas journalism scholarship is in her name not mine.

As I said in a comment back in 2016 when the scholarship went live, “Journalism was my living and I’m glad its over but it was more than that to Mrs. C and the scholarship is to honor her not me. What sort of journalist it helps produce remains to be seen. Hopefully an objective one. Not all of them are screaming leftists.”

I found it amusing that this year’s awardees were very different in their thank-yous. One was verbose, going on for several pages, mainly about herself (they are both women) while the other was succinct. She boiled it down to one page and spent as much space commenting on Mrs. C. as on herself. I liked the succinct one best.

The Renegade Jew

“[William] Kristol is a renegade Jew, and an apologist for anti-Constitutional, illegal manipulation by America’s self-designated ‘deep state.’ His hatred for Donald Trump has unhinged him. Decent people should cross the street to avoid walking too close to him.”—Orthodox Jew David P. Goldman.

I am growing tired of Kristol’s magazine The Weekly Standard. It was a fairly objective conservative take on the news until it became as mindlessly anti-Trump as Kristol himself. Who has become a renegade Jew by betraying critical Jewish interests, such as Trump’s more-than-Bronco’s support of Israel just because it’s Trump.

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My Amazon giveaways

The Bloody Thirteenth garnered 544 hits and 287 entrants which culled 20 winners of free Kindle books. A giveaway contest that’s over now.

The Butterfly Rose is doing poorly, gathering 1356 hits but only 326 entrants which, so far, have amounted to only 3 winners. The BFR giveways ends at midnight PDT.

Try them, you might like them. At only 99 cents, how can you lose?

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Journos protest 1A sales

But of course. These Mediacrats are thin-skinned about their narrative. You can’t be free to say what you please about them. Not even at the Newseum. The very definition of Fake News.

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UPDATE:  Nevermind the 1A. The Newseum has caved: “The Newseum has removed the ‘You Are Very Fake News’ t-shirts from the gift shop and online. We made a mistake and we apologize. A free press is an essential part of our democracy and journalists are not the enemy of the people.”

Well, some of them, like the fulltime liars at CNN and the NYT, certainly are.

The newsroom shooting

It’s a fantasy of some journalists, to imagine what it would be like to confront a disgruntled reader/viewer with a grudge and a gun.

Some people take the news media entirely too seriously. Some of them are journalists who feel their work is a calling, rather than merely an interesting, somewhat overworked, somewhat underpaid, racket. The news biz.

Somewhat overworked are the reporter/writers. Most of the middle-manager editors are seriously overworked. And the pay varies from paltry to lucrative, depending. Mrs. Charm was one of the latter, by both measures, as for 35 years I was one of the former, so I know.

And, yes, I sometimes imagined what it would be like if a disgruntled reader/viewer walked off the elevator at my longest gig and started shooting.

For one thing s/he would have taken out people in features and the copy desk which were nearest the elevators. The people who seldom wrote anything controversial though they may have edited it. It was not hard to imagine s/he getting through the lobby with a long gun, let alone a more easily concealed handgun. Security was lax in my day.

Not that shootings such as happened this week in Maryland were rare, though they usually afflicted the post office. At any rate a newsroom shooting never happened in my day. The disgruntled certainly existed but they mainly confined themselves to impassioned rants and lawsuits.

Fortunately. But not for me. I didn’t work anywhere near the elevators. I would have been far from the action, which would have remained only a fantasy.

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UPDATE:  Much is being made now by writers/editors of Trump’s old (February, 2017) remark that the “fake news media” (specifically: NYTimes, CNN, NBC News, ABC, CBS) are the “enemy of the American people.” I can see how it could be twisted by a criminal like the Annapolis guy to justify killing any media. But it was/is certainly true of the anti-Trump NYTimes and cable and otherwise broadcasters who go on and on and on 24/7 with the full-hysteria, often fake Democrat narrative.

The Mediacrats in general have always hated Republicans and now Trump especially because he fights back. When you focus on one side of the argument, because it’s your side, you’re not doing “the people” of “your community” any favor. You are, in fact, their enemy. But you shouldn’t be killed or wounded because of it.