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Ah, Halloween

It will be a quiet evening at the mini-rancho, with few or no trick-or-treaters. Not like the olden days at Rancho Roly Poly, when we regularly drew a few dozen, mostly small Korean kids with their parents lingering in the background. Then the Hispanic “kids” would arrive in a van and fan out across the street. We’d quickly run out of goodies and have to turn the porch light off.

No trick or treating for us

At least we haven’t planned on it. Haven’t bought any candy at all. Though I’m sure some young children live in the Neely’s Canyon condos, we don’t expect them to show up tonight.

Trick or treaters were diminishing each year at Rancho Roly Poly, from little ones in store-bought costumes in the early years to teenagers often with no costume, just a hand out.

We could discourage them by cutting off the porch light. Here we can’t control the front door light, which cuts on and off only in response to motion or the lack of it.

Moving on…

…to marble bathroom counter tops and drop-in porcelain sinks. Which includes getting rid of the wall mirrors above the existing fiberglass tops and sinks. When that’s done, in a week or so, we’ll start painting the bathrooms sunshine yellow and hanging six-panel natural pine doors.

So far at the mini-rancho we’ve replaced the microwave, the dishwasher, the electric range, the AC system, and tiled the bathroom floors. Future work includes a new hot water heater to head off a potential flood from an old, leaking one. We bought the place “as-is” for a slight savings and it’s slowly becoming “as-was”.

On Friday we finally close on the sale of Rancho Roly Poly and get back some of the money we’ve spent. And say goodbye to the house we shared with Mrs Charm for twelve years and where Mr. Boy grew up.

Kissing Wrens

Mrs. Charm has been sending us lots of interesting birds, but especially wrens, which we used to call our wren buddies. They are the king of all birds.

The other day at Rancho Roly Poly, where I went to run the irrigation system to keep the lawn green in case our buyer bailed before closing and we had to start selling all over again, I hung a new bird feeder.

I asked Mrs. Charm to send a wren to inaugurate the feeder. Then the doorbell rang and I went to answer it. I looked back over my shoulder at the feeder outside and saw a wren perched on it chowing down.

That was cool but what’s even cooler are the wrens Bar saw a day or so afterwards on our porch at the mini-rancho. These wrens were standing on the cushion of the chair I usually sit in, which was odd enough. But these two were going at it like we sometimes see cardinals do. Kissing. By rubbing the tops of their longish beaks together. Ah, love, ain’t it grand.

Buyer’s inspection

I hate it when inspectors lie, either because they’re outright cheating or just too dumb to make something work and so declare it broken. And that’s all I have to say about that. No names, no money amounts, just pissed off.

Uber fraud

Someone, with access to an Uber account, has been ripping me off since January with $10 here and $8 there. two to four times a month. To the tune of $192 to date, according to American Express.

I have opened a dispute of the charges and, more importantly, applied for a replacement card which is due by the 31st. If you don’t examine your credit card bills for the latest charges, like I didn’t for a long time, you should begin now. You, too, may find some small Uber charges you never paid.

UPDATE:  I was defrauded but it was by a relative who had the Amex number in the Uber app from years ago and “didn’t think” it was still there rather than the number of their own credit card. I canceled the dispute.

Rancho Roly Poly sells in seven days

To these fine people, for full asking price. Now to await the inspection and other rigmarole before possible closing on Sept 27. Yay! Then we can give our full attention to the mini-rancho and its remodeling.