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Coffee with Sennacherib

His excellency paid us a visit in which we served him coffee and discussed how much the town has changed in just the past eleven months (traffic is worse) he’s been away, and sundry other points of interest.

He said the rancho sits in what was once a field of scattered limestone quarries when he was coming up here in the Sixties. Now lives in western Colorado taking care of his 80ish parents. Sent his regards to Barbara Ellen who was at work.

The old Assyrian said he’d been in touch with Snoopy to learn that he was visiting the grand kids up on the Lebanon border. Stay safe. Mr. Goon. We shared memories of defunct Austin restaurants like Bean’s and Les Amis. But he finally had to leave: Got to go see a girl, he said, with anticipatory eyebrows.



Happy Hanukah

Aggie’s astound

Mr. Boy, home from Texas A&M for Thanksgiving, and I watched the end of the seven overtime periods against LSU in which an improving Aggie QB finished it 74-72.

What a thrilla’ In a game the bookies expected A&M to lose. Not that the rest of the Ags weren’t competent as all get-out but San Antonio native QB Kellen Mond just kept improving, throwing one strike after another until he threw the winning two-point conversion.

Thank goodness he’s a sophomore. Plenty of chances ahead for Aggieland to make big noise once again in the SEC. Gig Em!

It’s voting day

I’ll update this as the day goes on, with final results at the end of the day. I plan to vote when the polls open here, since my voting place is just up the road from the Rancho and opens at 7 a.m. CST.

As usual I will be voting straight R, but without Mrs. Charm’s voting straight D to cancel me out. Barbara Ellen doesn’t believe in voting.

UPDATE:  The worst result is that the Dims take back the House, which means that crazy bitch Maxine Waters will get a chairmanship to play obstructionist against Trump and subpoena everyone in his admin. Ordinarily I think it’s a good thing to have the Congress held by one party and the White House by another. But the Dims are so incredibly stupid and vile… At least the GOP keeps the Senate which will make throwing Trump out of office highly unlikely. And some of the vilest Dims, like that nutcase wannabe Socialist-governor in Florida went down to defeat. Was not surprised to see little Beto also take a whipping.

Why I have no Trump stickers

This example of retribution, across the Columbia River from lefty Portland, Oregon, is the reason I have no Trump stickers on my car, nor a Cruz sign in my yard.

Here in the blue hole in the red Texas donut, crazed leftist Beto supporters are as prolific as they are in Portland. It’s just not worth the risk.

Via Fox News

UPDATE: A Real Clear Politics piece on a crazed lefty vandal ripping Cruz signs from yards doesn’t say which city it is in Texas but I’d bet it’s Austin.

Car magic

Barbara Ellen was driving her daughter’s newish Chevy when the engine idiot light came on. She drove to AutoZone and had them examine the engine’s computer for “the code” that explained the light.

Seems to be something called “the impulse valve” which relates to the exhaust not the engine itself. So daughter is now equipped to take the car to a mechanic to knowledgeably ask for a fix. BE and daughter dislike going to dealers. They prefer AutoZone’s tipoff.

Seems like pure magic to me. My 14-year-old CRV has some computers in it, particularly the ignition key, but not this level of sophistication.

The city that can’t keep the lights on

Austin is a Dimocrat city, of course, and the power problem seems to be worse according to the politics. Thus our little Republican enclave in Northwest Hills suffered eight hours of no electricity yesterday. “Some burned wires,” the peon at the city utility said. “We have no estimate on a fix.”

Beginning in mid-afternoon with the temp in the 90s, it finally ended about 11 p.m., when BE and I were sweating in bed with the windows open for cross-ventilation—me remembering the 1940s-50s before air-conditioning. Her just being miserable.

Miriam has written of Republican neighborhoods in Albany, New York who “did not have potholes in their streets fixed or the snow removed (There was a lot of snow)” by the Dimocrat bureaucracy. Here we lose electric power about three times a year, sometimes from high winds, but this time there was no wind at all.

I’d complain but what’s the point. It would be a waste of time. I should get a BETO sign (the sly Hispanic nickname of the fourth-generation Irish-American Dim running for the U.S. Senate) for the the front yard. The neighbors across the street have one and their lights didn’t go out. But that wouldn’t fool ’em. They have the voting records and so they know I voted for the Republican Cruz.