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The Eagle Scout

Mr. Boy passed his Board of Review last night and is officially an Eagle Scout. He beat out his father (Star Scout) and grandfather (Life Scout).

The actual presentation won’t be until the end of the month but we’ll sing his praises here and now. With twenty-one merit badges, no less. The soon to be high school graduate will be enrolling at Texas A&M University in the fall.

Somewhere nearby Mrs. Charm is smiling.

2nd Amendment news

You know you’re in Texas when the high school senior delivering your order of chicken fried rice and egg-drop soup wears a Smith & Wesson t-shirt.

“I like your shirt, ” I said. “Thank you,” the young fellow replied with a grin.

Mr. B the Aggie

Despite wanting to be a Longhorn since grade school, he’s decided to take the bird in the hand and go to Texas A&M. He’s excited about it. Wonder how much the fact that A&M is only two hours away had to do with it.

Tyler is 4-5 hours distance and is a gamble on getting into UT-Austin.

But then he may try to transfer to Austin from Aggieland if his freshman grades are good enough. They’ve slotted him to be a veterinarian which he doesn’t want. I expect he can transfer to another major if his grades are good.

The latest Austin bombing

This one last night in far Southwest Austin, the fourth, was very Palestinian. It was apparently packed with nails which peppered the leg of at least one of two seriously injured young men.

The bomber would seem to live in South Austin as that’s near where most of the blasts have occurred. Still miles away from the rancho. But we’ll now start watching for suspicious packages and discarded backpacks.

UPDATE:  Police chief says this one was a roadside bomb with possibly a trip-wire that got two young men on bicycles. That will put the fear in Austin’s plethora of bicyclists.

MORE: A security expert with Stratfor says the bomber seems to be trying to encircle the city, having struck in Northeast, East, Southeast and now Southwest. Which could mean that West or Northwest are next. Close to the rancho.

Checkers and Eva

Two mixed-breed cats came with Barbara Ellen to live with us at the rancho. Checkers, her six year old favorite, and Eva, her daughter’s cat who specializes in mischief while her daughter is away.

Checkers has a sinus infection for which he’s taking antibiotics so he sleeps most of the time. Eva, the evil one I call her, spends her time pulling things out of drawers and sleeping in cabinets. We’re slowly adjusting to each other.

Mr. Boy keeps his bedroom room door closed to keep them out after I had to close the study door to keep them from chewing on the electronics cables. We keep our bedroom door closed to keep them from climbing on us while we’re asleep. Otherwise they have the run of the place. Unlike Senor Gato, otherwise known as Pumpkin, they’re strictly indoor cats.

Another attempted suicide…

…at Mr. B’s high school this morning. This one stopped from climbing over a third-floor railing into an atrium. The last one succeeded a few weeks ago. A senior. Getting tense out there as college application deadlines approach.

Filled ‘er up

Up this morning to check Gas Buddy and found a Shell near us had gas, So filled my car up and then took Mrs. C.’s, which Mr. Boy drives, for a fill up. Felt good to be back in the modern world—for as long as it lasts.