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Lonesome Dove

Barbara Ellen and me watched the conclusion of Lonesome Dove the other night, weeping at the appropriate parts because we’re both suckers for cinematic manipulation.

I thought the ending was weak but after all that came before it was acceptable. I still like the book better.


If you don’t believe in reincarnation try asking a 2-year-old sometime the following: “Do you remember when you were big?”

A friend of Barbara Ellen’s did that and was astounded by the little girl’s offhand reply: “Yes. I was a nurse.”

UPDATE:  After the friend got over her shock, she asked the little girl for more details. To which the girl replied: “Move on, move on.”

Howdy Checkers!

Introducing Barbara Ellen’s cat Checkers, our new house-cat in a pic from her Facebook page. Short for Chubby Checkers, as he has a tiger-like swinging belly on him.

Our new Senor Gato is a Tuxedo in case you’re wondering, which is arguably a description and not a breed. But there are dissenters. He is super friendly and likes to cuddle. His cloudy right eye has since been fixed with antibiotics.

Plastic bag laws unlawful

The Texas supremes have overruled city anti-plastic bag laws. Does this mean we’ll be back to free baggies? Not likely, now that grocers like HEB are making money off selling bags. Besides the cities will just rewrite their anti-bag laws to comply with the supremes. Wait and see.

Recovering from triple bacterial pneumonia

Actually, after double they call it multi-factual.bronchial pneumonia. But there are three places it dwells in my lungs: upper left and right and lower right. All found with a cat scan at the Seton ER early Thursday morning. After Barbara Ellen said I was delirious and, with my permission, called 911.

A young med tech said my temp was 103.7. Rode to the ER in the yellow truck-ambulance, spent the rest of the day and that night in Seton main. Lovely nurses Jennifer and Andrea. Helped me feel better along with Barbara Ellen and the antibiotics

Only got out this afternoon. Antibiotic knocking it back real good. It’s a jungle out there. Be safe.

Cinco de Mayo

A Mexican mayonnaise festival.

Me and Barbara Ellen skipped the tacos today in favor of Chinese.

The Eagle Scout

Mr. Boy passed his Board of Review last night and is officially an Eagle Scout. He beat out his father (Star Scout) and grandfather (Life Scout).

The actual presentation won’t be until the end of the month but we’ll sing his praises here and now. With twenty-one merit badges, no less. The soon to be high school graduate will be enrolling at Texas A&M University in the fall.

Somewhere nearby Mrs. Charm is smiling.