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Beto almost pulled it out

I was wrong, in an earlier post, saying that “little Beto…[took] a whipping” in the mid-terms. Instead, he came close to beating Cruz. I guess a lot of Texans (or else newbies from Mexifornia) want gun control, an end to fracking, open borders and Medicare for all.

That’s scary, but that’s what Beto the fake Mexican stood for, among other lefty issues. And with his $70 million from California and New York backers and the Mediacrats backing he came within 2.6 points of winning. If the east and west coasts can buy interior elections, that’s bad news for everyone.

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Dear Diary…

Dear Diary… I not only got attacked by an intern trying to take my microphone away but my White House press pass was revoked. They said it was only suspended, but I know better/CNN correspondent Jim Acosta.

Oh, happy day! Please don’t give it back no matter what.

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Hint: The “bombs” were harmless

“The Ricin to Mattis was not harmless. The bullets at Scalise were not harmless. The punches on Paul were not harmless. The HUNDREDS of rocks thrown at Trump supporters the last 2.5 years were not harmless. The switchblade knife on House GOP candidate Rudy Peters was not harmless.”

Republicans all. Only the Dims get harmless “bombs” and the stamps on the packages weren’t even canceled. Then they and their lapdog news media howl. October surprise, anyone?

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UPDATE: “They’re trying to get noticed,’ Rush Limbaugh says. ‘The Clintons desperately need to be noticed all the time, and Obama is trying to recapture some glory, trying to show everybody he can still move the needle.'”

Fake News Autopsy

This column from the incomparable Ann Coulter also might be called an old-fashioned “fisking,” taking apart some very fake news engineered by CNN “reporter” Ana Cabrera.

Cabrera took a real quote from President Trump (it’s “a very scary time for young men in America” due to uncorroborated sexual assault allegations) and paraphrased it to make it racial (Trump saying “white men have a lot to fear right now”), then asked a black guest to comment on the fake news to blow it up even bigger.

Later, much later, on Twitter, she apologized for her “mistake” that wasn’t a mistake. Giving her a two-fer: doing the nasty on Trump, then apologizing as if she was contrite. Poor, honest Ana, she made a boo-boo.

“The network deliberately pushed a racism narrative,” writes Coulter, “calculated to incite racial hatred that could get someone killed…If this were an error, it would have been corrected before the first commercial break. It was not corrected because it’s not a mistake; it’s a political strategy.”

And it’s a perfect example of what President Trump calls very fake news.

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Christine Fraud caught out

According to an ex- longtime boyfriend Christine helped a friend prepare for a polygraph exam sometime between 1992-98.

They “dated for 6 yrs, never told of sex assault, Ford coached friend on taking polygraph, flew frequently w/o expressing any fear of flying/tight spaces/limited exits.”

Yet CBF told sex-crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell that she “never” had discussions with anyone “besides your attorneys, on how to take a polygraph…”

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UPDATE:  Most of the Mediacrats ignored this story until the supposedly coached friend came out to deny it. Figures. But only CNN was mean enough to reveal the ex boyfriend’s name, which the Judiciary Committee had redacted. Really nasty piece of work is our CNN.

Kavanaugh appears to be up the creek

A second woman, also dredging up forgotten memories, also not backed up by the people she names as witnesses, also with extensive radical Dim credentials (Soros, this time) accuses ole Brett of sexual misconduct.

The only way to save him is for the Stupid Party to immediately call for a vote. As of tomorrow morning. Damn the torpedoes. But they don’t have the balls.

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UPDATE:  Lost amid the cacophony of  the Dim accusations against Kavanaugh, and their lapdog media echo chamber, is the fact that the FBI concluded that their darling Anita Hill was not telling the truth.

Is #Metoo A Political Purge?

When Kavanaugh is faced with dis-nomination and Ellison is left alone it’s clearly a political purge. But that’s feminism for you.


All the world is talking about the Kavanaugh hearing at the moment. Similar situations have been in the making for months. The original outrage about a real Hollywood rape culture has been parlayed into a mob all over the world, with terrible consequences for everybody, but the Hollywood rapists.

Two employees of the Hohenschoenhauser stasi memorial museum in Berlin are alleged to have assaulted women. Helmuth Frauendorfer, the vize director, is accused in a letter from seven women, some of whom want to remain anonymous. He is said to have texted young women who work for him. The content of the texts is … wait for it … work related. The closest thing they have to sexualize the topic is that he offered his employees to overnight at his place several times. Outside the texting issue, the most sexual thing is that he hugs too hard and makes compliments. He…

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