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Questions the Mediacrats won’t ask

“Do the two new [Muslim] congresswomen believe that Islam needs to be reformed to more closely reflect the values of the country that they now represent in Congress? The generally accepted values of modern America stress a wide range of freedoms involving tolerance, speech, sexuality, and lifestyles, as well as equal rights for women and minorities and a long list of others. But much, if not all of this, is contrary to Islamic law.”

Such as wife-beating, homosexual-killing, clitoris-cutting, BDS-backing, Jew- and Christian-hating, etc. The mediacrats will never ask these questions. Nor will these women likely ever answer them. Why, that would be Islamophobic.

Via American Thinker

Sarah Sanders’ greatest hits

Just to ring out the old year and ring in the new, you understand.

“Reporter: “Is the White House concerned as Congressman Adam Schiff has said, that so many of the questions point to obstruction of justice?”

“Sarah Sanders: ‘We here at the White House try never to be concerned with anything dealing with Adam Schiff.’”

And many more right cheer

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Der Faker Spiegel

How could the fact-checkers have missed Der Spiegel’s fake news? About a small town in Minnesota with the stereotypical name of Fergus Falls?

Easy, when fake news that fits prejudices is what editors desire. Many a time they’ll come out of a news meeting with their bosses and say to a reporter: “This is the story I want.”

And if you’re already a star, because you invariably find the story they want, nobody’s going to nitpick you. Ain’t that right Claas Relotius?

Until Fergus Falls, the little, Trump-supporting (62.4 percent in 2016) Minnesota town you faked news about (with a phony, pistol-toting city administrator who’d supposedly never been laid), fights back.

In the pre-Internet days, Fergus Falls would never see a German news story. Them days are long gone.

Via Politico

UPDATE:  Add Theft to the misdeeds of Relotius:  “On Saturday night, the magazine announced in one of the many articles documenting Mr. Relotius’s misdeeds that the editors would be filing a criminal complaint against him after it emerged that he had set up a private donation drive ostensibly to help two Syrian orphans that he had profiled. According to Der Spiegel, only one of the two orphans exists, and the aid money went to the reporter’s private bank account.”

Alice Walker is David Duke on Jews

“Alice Walker should be just as toxic for her anti-Semitism as David Duke is for his. After all, they push the same message when it comes to Jews.”

Via National Review

The WaPo and the red Xmas trees

Anything to whack the Trumps. Four stories (so far) on FLOTUS’s red Xmas trees.

That’s the snooze Mediacrats for you. Anything but working. Anything but news.

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The lying Mediacrats want to censor us

The NYSlimes editorial board is demanding that the feds and corporate America ally to censor conservative social media on the Internet.

Poor gatekeepers, they’ve lost control of the narrative.

“It’s truly remarkable how the same controlled media organizations which whine incessantly about President Trump’s supposed attacks on the free press are the biggest lobbyists for corporate and government censorship attacking the true free press which exists on the internet.”

Ann Coulter remarks: “Consider how strong liberals consider their arguments. They’ve got all of the mainstream media, one hundred percent — ABC, NBC, CBS, all the cable, the major newspapers, the major news magazines, they’ve got Yahoo, AOL. They have the Swamp, they’ve got Hollywood, they have Silicon Valley. And now they’re down to the last corners of the internet. Oh no! Conservatives can speak to one another, we must shut it off!”

Via Gab and Information Liberation

UPDATE:  The Nazis and other Jew haters are a pain but they’re in the minority even on Gab and can be “muted” to not have to engage them. The NYSlimes wants them vanished altogether as “hate speech,” stuffed back into the desktop publishing world, but who’s to say what’s hate. Twitter and Facebook have banned the politically incorrect and conservative along with the true haters. Gab says information must be free and I agree.

Mr. Suspenders calls for foreign election monitors

“When Republicans suggest Democrats are up to no good, it is universally decried as a paranoid, craven or ‘openly authoritarian’ attempt to delegitimize an election. When Democrats suggest an election was stolen, it’s a grave warning of a crisis that should require “international election monitors,” in the words of Dan Rather.”

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