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Wine Connoisseur

“Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg admitted Thursday night to not being ‘100 percent sober’ when she dozed off at last month’s [2015] State of the Union address.”

Now that it’s been the obligatory 24 hours of praise and respect for the passed, we can get down to business. Ginsberg, the Liberal Lioness, was not only an outspoken anti-Trumper whilst sitting on the court (quite the legal no-no, doncha know) but also a bit of a drunk. And her dying partisan words [see previous post] carry no legal weight whatsoever.

Via The NYT & Tablet

Google Fiber craters

Just in time for “distance learning,” backed by the teachers unions and Dimocrats generally, to keep parents at home and the economy down, Google Fiber blacks out homes all over Austin and elsewhere across the country. Not good, but sort of amusing coming from the Big Censor of YouTube and general manipulator of search results. Fix it, you dumbbutts!


HCQ redux

Everything is becoming political, even science, says psychiatrist and author Norman Doidge, in “Hydroxychloroquine: A Morality Tale,” in Tablet Magazine.

We knew science was becoming political, as evidenced by the “the science is in” attitude of many (but not all) politicians and scientists about global warming or climate change.

But HCQ, a $10 usually-successful treatment for the Wuhan virus used all over the non-Anglo world? Yep. Here, in the Anglosphere, it’s tied up with Trump Derangement Syndrome because the president touted HCQ early in the pandemic. Which meant the Mediacrats had to condemn it and did and still do.

The ghost of Sarah Palin…

will haunt the Mediacrats. Watch them do all they can to protect Kamala Harris, the racist demented perv Joe Biden’s pick for his veep. They utterly trashed Sarah Palin, the last woman veep pick, and even beat up on her children.

“…the corporate media, who saw in her a threat to the [2008] election of [Dimocrat] Barack Obama, decided to tear her apart, to destroy her politically, even if that meant destroying her personally.”

Nothing about the Republican Palin was out-of-bounds, making even her running mate John McCain tired of her because she drew all the publicity, but not in a good way. By the time he lost the election, they weren’t speaking.

Via The Federalist

Barr on Trump: friendly, even funny

The U.S. attorney general said in his interview on Life, Liberty, and Levin, that the president is nothing like he’s portrayed in the fake-news media. He’s convivial, seriously seeking advice from multiple sources before making a major decision, friendly and even funny.

What a pity this good man can’t be appreciated by the big-corporation partisan journalists and thus conveyed to the rest of us accurately. All he gets from them is almost constant harassment. That’s what happens when the press is wedded to one political party. The reporting is distorted.

Texas: seasonal flu worse than China virus

While the Mediacrats and their Dimocrat puppeteers go off on Texas for reopening amid rising positive tests of the China virus, here’s one you won’t likely hear from them:

The last two seasonal flu outbreaks in Texas were four times as lethal.

That is, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services, almost 12,000 died in 2017-18, October to October, and the 2018-19 toll was just more than 10,000. To date, the China virus has killed a little more than 3,000, with just three months to go until October.

The seasonal flu deserves a lot more media and government attention and the China virus deserves a lot less.

Via  Gateway Pundit

UPDATE:  Gov. Abbott says there are no plans to shut down the state’s economy again.

W denies dumping Trump

Our long-ago, two-term governor and two term only-because-of-wars-president denies (retracts?) NYSlimes report that he won’t be voting for Trump 2020. Completely made-up doesn’t seem likely even for the Slimes.

So maybe this is one of those do-it, then apologize, do-it, then apologize, games. Getting a two-fer on publicity. With the Bushes, you never know.

UPDATE:  Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush (son of Jeb) will vote for Trump because “he’s the only thing standing between America and socialism.”