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Souls on board

There are many reasons given for why passengers and crew of airlines and ships are referred to collectively as “souls on board.”

But one that’s not mentioned is the fact that the 19th century age of the steamship, when the practice seems to have originated, was much more religious than now.

People believed in souls then as they pretty much do not now. At least not officially or in the news media. So it was likely more than convenience sake in radio procedure to refer to passengers and crew as souls on board.

Volokh has a new roost

The Volokh Conspiracy, an interesting blog about legal cases and decisions, has moved from its four-year piggyback on the WaPo to a new roost at Reason magazine. The reasons are several but the PC police seem to have been factored into them:

“More importantly, we want the decision whether or not to redact to be ours, not the Post’s. This is so for the familiar vulgarities, but also as to similar decisions about what to do with quoting incidents that involve offensive epithets, allegedly offensive team names and band names, allegedly improper use of pronouns to refer to various people, and much more. Once we acknowledge that it’s proper to constrain our accurate reporting about one kind of offensive word, how would we effectively be able to defend our right to judge how to report on incidents involving other words?”

Goodbye Mediacrats. Hello to the new roost here.

Via Reason

Why weren’t the Davidians spared?

“Four ATF agents and five Davidians died in the initial gunfight [outside Waco] and another Davidian was killed later that day [25 years ago]. After a 51-day siege, 76 Davidians [including women and children] died when the compound went up in flames on April 19.”

They weren’t spared because of those four dead ATF agents. I was a reporter on the picket line at the time and so I know that it was widely understood (if rarely spoken) by the news media as well as most everyone else that if you killed a cop you paid with your life. Today it’s pretty much open season on cops.

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That self-immolating “environmentalist”

“Factually, [gay attorney and loony tunes enviro activist David] Buckel did nothing to lower his own carbon footprint, and actually chose the most carbon-producing (and gruesome) way to bring attention to his cause. Add to that the fact that this man felt his own death was required in service of his beliefs, and it’s apparent that he needed help (which he did not get).”

Which certainly could be said for other members of the Loony Left as well.

Via The Resurgent

Fox is still No. 1

Despite the constant leftist/liberal bashing by CNN, MSNBC, etc. and most newspapers Fox News is still No. 1 in cable viewership after sixteen years. I think that, contrary to what the leftist Mediacrats say, it’s because Fox delivers both sides of the argument.

And doesn’t editorialize and call it news like the others do. Not that its common taters don’t editorialize (and they’re mostly conservatives, except for Israel-hating scumbag Jerry Rivers) but that’s what common taters do.

H.L. Mencken on anti-Trump news media

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” —H.L. Mencken.

Excellent summary of the fake news work of the Mediacrats: CNN, MSNBC, cBS, ABC, PBS, etc. But primarily Certainly Not News.

Stupid Joe is dirty Joe

“How Vice President Joe Biden’s son’s firm scored a $1.5 billion deal with the Communist Chinese government’s Bank of China only 10 days after Joe Biden and his son returned from China aboard Air Force Two in 2013″

Just one of the revelations in Secret Empires, explanations for how some of our pols get rich at the public trough. They do it the old-fashioned dirty way, with the Mediacrats always looking somewhere else. Gaslighting us with nonsense about how stupid Joe threated to pummel President Trump. As if.

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