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Newspaperman, A Memoir

My old editor Don Hatfield is very kind to me, one of his first hires at the defunct Huntington (WVA) Advertiser, and herein captures perfectly my angry young combat veteran’s flippant attitude.

Don had a roguish air about himself back then in 1973, with long dark hair perpetually falling over one eye. But I learned from him and his young editors not to editorialize in news copy, as is unfortunately too common today. “If you don’t put it in, I can’t take it out,” one of them told me.

I was determined to write fiction on the side and my opinions sometimes leaked into my reporting. I soon moved on but was so infected by Don and the newspaper virus that I stayed in the biz for 32 more years. I didn’t actually publish any fiction until the advent of Amazon’s CreateSpace.

Striving for objectivity in the gathering and presentation of the news may not be so common nowadays but it is of the most benefit to any community and that was the nobler game Don was always after. His thoughtful memoir is well worth your time and money. And may G-d comfort him for the loss of his wife and three children.

The blue-collar jobs bloom

Pedo Biden, Crazy Bernie and other Dims claim Trump’s promises to the working class were a fraud. Backed by the Mediacrats, of course. The data show otherwise.

“The data show that the economy created 1.2 million goods-producing jobs since Trump took office. That’s more than twice as many as were created in Obama’s last 27 months in office (455,000).”

There’s more.

Twitter is run by lying liars who suck

The ol’ Instapundit, who quit Twitter, whacks them for their obvious censorship of ideas they don’t like—conservative ideas. (Taking time out of wet-vaccing.)

Mediacrats disgrace themselves

The Liberal Media Matrix

“The Sentinels who protect the liberal media matrix are vigilant against thoughtcrime, they anathematize dissent, but they are less interested in the canons of professional journalism, such as presenting both sides of a story and refraining from baseless speculation.

“Right now they are heralding Ilhan Omar for her courage, turning Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez into the flag-bearer of the Democratic Party, and confident that no matter the opposition Trump will be defeated. Best be skeptical. As with all the other bogus stories, reality will make itself felt in the end. It always does.”

Via The Washington Free Beacon

Bronco did it

Unless the FBI was rogue, and we know it wasn’t. Just its leadership trying to suck up to The One. And commie Brennan was a leader of the spy pack, if not THE leader.

Clapper already sorta publicly admitted it was on Bronco’s orders, but his words have been ignored.

Will Barr get to all that or cave? Shoot, he just might get assassinated. Time to double-up on security and make sure the security is loyal instead of Brennan clones.

Via Fox News

Groper Joe finally exposed

Not one but FOUR SEVEN women, all Dimocrats, are now complaining about The Groper’s inappropriate touching, sniffing (?!) and kissing. Always uninvited. Heretofore always pooh-poohed by the lapdog media.

You or me might get slapped, even have a cop called. The Groper? Shoot, he’s a former vice-president. And he takes advantage of it. Not unusual. Daddy Bush grabbed asses.

Power corrupts.

Via PJMedia

UPDATE:  And then there were a total of  SEVEN complaining of Biden, despite his mea culpa video. If they were expecting an apology, they didn’t get it.