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Jihad marches on

That’s the real message of the Afghan debacle. Dims who called the Fort Hood jihadism “workplace violence” and their pals in the FBI who never seem to get the religious angle of it all still can’t see it. The Taliban’s beloved sharia law dictates how people will behave, especially women whose mere existence upsets their male co-religionists and so they must clothe themselves in black from head to toe. even as President Pedo still thinks he can dictate “inclusiveness” (read affirmative action) to them in letters.

Says former Army War College Lecturer Raymond Ibrahim: “Whereas Muslims take a long, patient view of history, Westerners take a very short, myopic view; whereas Muslims maintain their ways and bide their time in moments of defeat (“we may be down but—so long as we’re not out—we’re still in the game”), Westerners allot too much significance to the temporal…”

Banning 9mm

Our senile, crooked pedophile president, whose party stole him into office (all those swing states stopped counting at midnight, the classic election steal), suggests banning 9mm pistols. Good luck with that. He’d have better luck confiscating what’s already out there.

Though that would be a risky prospect for the cops. On the other hand just having the feds close down the owner’s banking should do the trick of getting the pistols turned in. Not that I favor that, but it’s an option the pedo might take. But then he has a PhD in lying. So we shall see. He could be just angling for some fat payoff under the table.

President Bonehead

Even his predecessors found him annoying for his incompetence and divisiveness.

“Reagan nailed it when he said Biden is a demagogue. He is. Joe Biden has no moral or patriotic center. Obama said he’s a massive screw-up. He is. Six months in and we’ve already got a chaotic border, had a war in the Middle East, and we’re headed for inflation thanks to Biden’s absolutely irresponsible energy policies and spending spree.”

Via PJMedia

President Pedo

This time Biden unmasked himself in front of a military audience to comment on a six-year-old girl’s legs. Just can’t keep it to himself. Liked her barrettes, too.