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Suing Tik Tok

About time. Even FCC criticism hasn’t stopped this popular creature of the Chinese Communist Party. Seven deaths should be enough.

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Lyin’ Biden sending oil away

“More than 5 million barrels of oil that were part of a historic U.S. emergency reserves release to lower domestic fuel prices were exported to Europe and Asia last month, according to data and sources, even as U.S. gasoline and diesel prices hit record highs.”

Including to… China.

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Victims of Communism Day

Will be Nov. 7 in Florida. “In Florida, we will tell the truth about communism,” says the redoubtable Republican governor, Ron DeSantis,, establishing the day to remember.

Covid is over

The Wuhan virus, unleashed by the Chinese Communist Party, is done. It’s burned out.

“We’re not supposed to say ‘COVID is over,’ but that’s about all there is to say when India’s latest breakout has almost nobody getting sick and doctors call it ‘no cause for concern.’

“Caseloads in the major city of Mumbai more than quadrupled in recent weeks, from 300 per month to nearly 400 each week. Despite the increase, “A lone death was reported in Gondhia,” according to The Times of India.”

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National submarine day

Celebrated by the US Navy. Silence, they say, is golden. Hope our Boomers are ready. Russia has them, too.


“Nevertheless, the lockdown grinds on as Xi attempts the impossible with his zero COVID fever. Some (Shanghai) residents, broke and increasingly hungry, are making the last desperate act of defiance. They’re throwing themselves out of their high-rise apartments.”

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UPDATE: A shocking video of multiple jumpers.

Biden’s on the take

From China, no less, according to Peter Schweizer, a contributor at Breitbart News.

“Schweizer, the author of Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, said, “What we discovered is that some $31 million were provided to the Biden family by five individuals in China.

 “Those individuals all have ties to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence. So what has been a story about corruption and cronyism increasingly is a story about spying, espionage, and national security. This demands investigation. This is not just about politicians getting money from their office.”

Probably won’t be investigated, however, because of all the good Dimocrats in the Department of Justice and Fart, Barf & Itch. Trump they would investigate because he was a Republican. Democrats get a pass. Especially presidents. Schweizer also wrote a revealing book on the corruption of the Clintons and nothing was ever done.

Via Breitbart News

UPDATE: Biden’s also abetting the crime of crossing the border illegally, which is not a “crisis” but his choice. Putting illegals on planes to fly them deeper into the country in the dead of night, landing at small airports to keep the action as secret as possible. He really should be impeached, but the Dims are too corrupt and partisan to do it. And the Republicans are too chickenshit.