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Our doors

Unfinished (but with clear varnish), six-panel, red oak doors, eight of them, are finally scheduled for delivery on Monday. Installation begins the next day.

Been a while since we had the idea. Expect it to be a winner. If not we can always paint them white. Pix to come.

UPDATE: They’re here. Heavy too. Pics when they’re hung.

Bale of hay

Someone set a small bale of hay in the mini-rancho’s carport. Since we have no horses or cows hereabouts I’ll have to assume it’s for the white-tailed deer that roam the property. I didn’t know deer ate hay. Did you?

Apparently, under certain circumstances, they do.

Crown Molding

The promised pic of the new crown molding at the mini-rancho. That’s 4 and 1/2 inches x 3/4 inches in Mr. B.’s room, the only one so far with an outer corner to show off the molding joint. With blue ceiling and so-far un- repainted yellow walls.

More painting

Doing Mr. B.’s room walls (Valpar’s Daisy Spell, a very light yellow) and Bright White baseboards and fixing the crown molding screwup. All in four hours, which is all I can have from the contractors until their schedule lightens up on Dec. 23.

Still to schedule: crown in the dining-living area and then more paint. And, of course, still awaiting delivery/installation of the red oak doors.

More painting

More Honey Pecan wall and Bright White baseboards. Minor screwup on crown gets a fix next week when the room is painted Daisy Spell (very light yellow). Otherwise the crown is very nice and we’re going to take it next to the living dining room. These are Barbara Ellen’s color choices but I like them too. Next up: Crystal Pink and a kind of teal.

Crown up

Today’s the day the House of Fara crown molding goes up in the bedrooms, with more painting of some walls and baseboards. We’re moving right along in the renovation department. Pix to come.

The long drive

From the canyon to Home Depot on FM 620 South is a long way by any calculation. But it has to be to score some good crown molding. 620 is the only store that carries what I want. This.

I went yesterday for seven 8-foot sections, all that would fit in the CRV. Back this morning for six more will round out what we need for two bedrooms at the mini-rancho. Worth it. Going to be beautiful. Pictures when I get them.

UPDATE:  It wasn’t enough. Had to go back for three more 8-footers.