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Squirrels in love

Ever seen squirrels make love? I did this morning, out the kitchen window to the slope of the canyon. They used their fore paws to hug each other and what looked like kissing. Rolling around on the ground and up a tree. Then one of them mounted the other from behind, briefly, before resuming the hugging and kissing. Love is everywhere!

Jewish Birthday of Trees

“Tu Bishvat could easily have faded away after the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE, since there was no longer a system of fruit offerings or Temple priests to receive them. However, the kabbalists (mystics) of Tzfat (the city of Safed) in the Land of Israel in the 16th century created a new ritual to celebrate Tu Bishvat called the Feast of Fruits.”

So, technically, the birthday, or new year, which begins in the evening of Sunday, Feb 9, and ends in the nightfall of Monday, Feb 10, is only about fruit trees. But the rabbis have extended it to all trees wherever they may be. Including the big grandfather tree off the porch at the mini-rancho.

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Just the kitchen to go

Repairing the sagging bottom shelves in the existing cabinets and the sagging doors and painting them white inside and out. Then painting the ceiling white and the walls pale blue, applying crown molding and window molding and replacing the pantry door with a six-panel pine painted the white of the cabinets. And finally a new blue laminate countertop and a new white porcelain sink. Whew.

Mild winter

Going into the final week of our usual winter, i.e. January, it’s time to pronounce this a mild one. Not a hard freeze yet. Let alone a week in the 30s. Which is sort of too bad, since it means more bugs this year.

Cedar fever still elevated. But nice amount of rain, so we get the trade-off. Wildflowers should be good in the spring, starting in about four weeks.

Replacing a stove

Our new Whirlpool range works fine, except for the babying its black, glass cooktop requires. Ridiculous. We’re ordered a replacement from Lowe’s, one with ordinary burners. The glass cooktops are ubiquitous, we’re told, in new and refurbished apartments. They’ll become famous for the messes left behind by irresponsible people who can’t be bothered with the laborious task required to keep them clean. Adios.

The promised doors

Actually, one, but it’s a stand-in for the others. Bar is “in love” with them.

Mr Boy home

School’s out until 2020. He made all As this semester (including biology and chemistry) and still has his eye set on being a physician’s associate. “It’s the only thing I can see myself doing,” he said.