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Dental work

Sigh. I hate going to the dentist. But with two broken teeth in the front, I figured I had little choice. Unless I want to look like Jethro from the hills. Turns out they broke because they were decayed and all the other natural ones on the lower level are likewise. They don’t hurt because at my age the nerves have calcified.

I got all the lower crowns and then put off going for checkups when I was helping Mrs. Charm fight for her life and when she lost it to cancer I was in bad grief for two years. Plus helping the Aggie get through high school and into college. Followed by a new marriage and more distractions.

Anyway, this time extractions and implants are advised, and to the tune of about $32,000. Yipes.

Aspen a**holes strike

Amazing. And they put it in a written letter and signed it, no less. With many, many lawsuits to follow. I actually have an old acquaintance who lives there. A retired Green Beret who seems to be a fish out of water, politically at any rate. He’s having technology challenges at the moment, leaving his phone on the third floor of his condo, whilst downstairs. Memory problems? Hard to tell.

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Fiddle frustration

Trying to get back in the swing of violin playing after a three-year hiatus. I’ve forgotten so much and the new Silent I bought from Sweetwater is just too quiet. Need to insert the battery and use earbuds to hear what I’m doing. Perfect for apartment living (to not disturb the neighbors) but a frustration to players who are hard of hearing to begin with.

Identity theft

Someone has filed for federal income taxes using my social security number. This from my accountant who had me sign an affidavit for identification to be submitted with my 2021 taxes. He says identity thieves prefer older people who may not notice. I wouldn’t have without his help, until I suppose the IRS notified me. In the future, I’ll be issued a pin by the IRS via email to use with tax filings.

The surgery virgin

I made it through the eye surgery with no pain and no recall at all. I was out for the count under full anesthesia. The retina surgeon said later that he didn’t suture down the moved lens but merely moved it to a better place that he thinks will hold and improve. Said he was mitigating risk, as my old eye structures would make the sutures riskier. So I’m no longer a surgery virgin, but I don’t feel violated. Now to keep my fingers off the eye for the week the surgeon said it would take to settle down. I’m wearing the glasses I had stopped wearing to help keep the eye safe.

Starter not battery

I thought the old (2004), aging CRV had eaten another battery, but the AAA guy who came out to help said, no, the battery is fine. It’s the starter that’s broken. He jump-started the CRV and I drove it to First Texas Honda where I got a loaner and came home. Could take a while to get the starter fixed, as the car is a bit of an antique by Honda standards in 2022. So we’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

UPDATE: A new starter installed is about $1,000, they say. But. meanwhile, they found more wrong, including a safety problem with a knuckle on a ball joint involving the rack-and-pinion steering. Total about $6k. Bar’s ex was an auto mechanic who bragged about causing problems then calling for their repair. To make more money, of course. But the CRV is 18 years old with 125,000 miles on it, so it’s just as likely to have been legitimately discovered. And fixing it all is a lot cheaper than buying the cheapest new used one I could find online, six years old, also with 125,000 miles, for $18,000+. So I went for the 6. I’ll baby it.

Washington’s Birthday

Well, it was so-called in my youth. Somewhere along the way it got renamed President’s Day. Which is the name of this weekend. Putting every half-wit who was ever president (and there were more than a few before Lyin’ Biden) in the same league with Washington. Without him we wouldn’t have a country. With them we’ve sunk.