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Chillifest ’23

The Aggie and his girlfriend celebrate in Aggieland

A love letter

The Aggie’s girlfriend lost her grandfather a few days ago after a long illness. She wrote him this love letter:

“How blessed I am to have had a grandpa like you. To my number one supporter and biggest fan..I am going to miss all the nights watching Wheel of Fortune with you, hearing your slippers glide across the entire house, and always hearing “let’s do this again sometime” after every meal. Until I see you again, I love you Poppee. 💕

Charlie Chan

Is where I got the moniker #1 son for the Aggie. Charlie used to call his three (?) sons by number. It’s a joke, considering I have but the one son. I watched the Charlie Chan detective movies from the 1920s in black-n-white on TV in the 1950s. Nowadays they’re considered racist (because the actor who played Charlie wasn’t Chinese) but the creators had aimed for an anti-racist theme, with a Chinese hero instead of the Yellow Peril Chinese villain common in the 20s.

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The Aggie graduates

Barbara Ellen and I are back from No. 1 son’s graduation ceremony Friday in the basketball arena at Texas A&M. With a BS in Public Health. He’s mulling over graduate school. Possibly law school or an MBA. Was originally planning to go to Physician’s Associate grad school but is wavering on that. He has a 3.75 GPA, so he has choices.

Close to a thousand kids graduated Friday. Big for August. Must have been many more in May. (Aggieland has 60,000 students.) Twenty-nine from the Corps were swore in Friday and commissioned in the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. Two of them women. They asked for veterans in the audience to stand and there were quite a lot of us. More than a hundred, by my quick estimate. Not too surprising. This is Texas, after all.

The Aggie

He graduates in public health in August and then waits for a grad school acceptance to become a doctor’s associate. Working while he waits as an Emergency Room scribe and an IT job he can work from his laptop. Proud of our Eagle Scout.

Family fun

We may be off to Fredericksburg to a B&B with a pool. Step-daughter has to sign off on it. No telling. We’d go in the middle of the week after Labor Day for three or four nights. We’d hope to spend time talking to each other, including at least one board game evening, but there’d always be shopping, restauranting, clubbing for the kids, and visiting Enchanted Rock about a half hour north.

Sedona would be preferred by all but with Amtrak cancellations and price increases due to fuel and food, it seems too dicey this year. And probably through 2024 as long as Slimy Biden is POTUS. Not to mention the threat of World War III. F-burg is less than two hours away from home, versus most of Texas and all of New Mexico.

Mr. Boy & the draft

The Aggie came to see us on Saturday and cooked a dinner for us which was tasty: steaks, green beans and Idaho potatoes cut up and fried like potato chips. We talked about the possibility of the draft being reinstated and what he’d do in that case. He’s squarely in its sights, if it is reinstated as it was in 1973, since he’ll graduate from A&M in May and is 22 years old. In which case I’d want him to add a year to his service and go to officer’s candidate school as I did back in 1967. He tentatively agreed.