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Family fun

We may be off to Fredericksburg to a B&B with a pool. Step-daughter has to sign off on it. No telling. We’d go in the middle of the week after Labor Day for three or four nights. We’d hope to spend time talking to each other, including at least one board game evening, but there’d always be shopping, restauranting, clubbing for the kids, and visiting Enchanted Rock about a half hour north.

Sedona would be preferred by all but with Amtrak cancellations and price increases due to fuel and food, it seems too dicey this year. And probably through 2024 as long as Slimy Biden is POTUS. Not to mention the threat of World War III. F-burg is less than two hours away from home, versus most of Texas and all of New Mexico.

Mr. Boy & the draft

The Aggie came to see us on Saturday and cooked a dinner for us which was tasty: steaks, green beans and Idaho potatoes cut up and fried like potato chips. We talked about the possibility of the draft being reinstated and what he’d do in that case. He’s squarely in its sights, if it is reinstated as it was in 1973, since he’ll graduate from A&M in May and is 22 years old. In which case I’d want him to add a year to his service and go to officer’s candidate school as I did back in 1967. He tentatively agreed.

Waiting for the Aggie

That would be my new name for Mr. Boy, who graduates from TAMU next May. He was volunteering this morning in College Station for something health-related, but expected to come to see us for a few days in the afternoon or evening.

UPDATE: Finally got in about 9 pm. Good to see him again!

Family vacation

Bar’s idea is to take our two adult children and go spend a few days at a Texas vacation spot. I’m for either the beach at Port Aransas, or McDonald Observatory in the Davis Mountains of West Texas. I’m figuring the “kids” will opt for the beach around Labor Day. Make it a two-fer year, 2022, with a March train trip to Sedona for just us. Or take them to Sedona on the train. We’ll see.

Super Spreader?

Mr. Boy was home for the weekend to attend the Austin City Limits music festival at Zilker Park. He estimated that 100,000 others were there with him, shoulder to shoulder, some masked many not. He’s been vaxed with the Pfizer twice, so he wasn’t worried, but whether he should have been remains to be seen.

Mr. Boy’s vax

He said he was opposed to it. Just a gut feeling, he contended. Then I read him something one of my OCS buds wrote, about it being our social duty to get with the program, and he caved. Went to Walgreen’s for a Pfizer jab and came back with his “passport,” the proof-of-vax card that inevitably will be used for many things as the pandemic continues. Pleased with himself. As are we.

Reiki Level II

Bar and I are now officially Reiki practitioners. Having trained for Level II. We’ll begin tomorrow with Mr. Boy watched over by Reiki master Cindi Barnette and move on to five more through July. But I may start distant sessions next week using a teddy bear as a surrogate.