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Short shorts in 38 degrees

I used to razz Mr. Boy about wearing shorts in the winter. Still do on occasion. But he’s got nothing on the two cute middle-school girls I saw climbing Hart hill the other morning in 38 degree weather. They had on very short shorts. I couldn’t enjoy the view I felt so sorry for them.

Another attempted suicide…

…at Mr. B’s high school this morning. This one stopped from climbing over a third-floor railing into an atrium. The last one succeeded a few weeks ago. A senior. Getting tense out there as college application deadlines approach.

Filled ‘er up

Up this morning to check Gas Buddy and found a Shell near us had gas, So filled my car up and then took Mrs. C.’s, which Mr. Boy drives, for a fill up. Felt good to be back in the modern world—for as long as it lasts.


Headspace is Mr. Boy’s new 10-minute companion: Guided meditation from a smooth-talking English Tibetan monk whose $250 million company is looking to grow way beyond its already millions-of-users base.

The idea for Mr. B. is to find relief from stress, more patience and general peace of mind. I haven’t noticed an increase in patience but these are early days. And he’s using the “take 10” free version of the downloadable mindfulness app through earbuds on his iPhone.

If I do see an increase in patience, I’ll spring for the subscriber fee of $6.24 a month for a two-year deal. It’ll be well worth it for me, as well as for him.

Mr B’s excellent weekend

He’s somewhere on the coast, with three friends and the parents of one of them, presumably beach combing, if not salt water splashing.

Rockport? Port Aransas? Corpus? Strange not to know, but that’s the way it is with teenagers. I was lucky to get the parents names and cell numbers. Didn’t think to ask about the destination until he was gone.

Just now he texts that they’re on Matagorda Bay, but he’s unsure of any towns around. Checking the map, and the most likely route, looks like he’s near Port Lavaca or Port O’Connor.

Politicizing the SAT

This is not really a surprise to me and I’m sure it won’t be to Mr. Boy either when he takes the SAT on March 11. He’s used to being inundated with PC and Progressive nonsense at school.

They started teaching him about American slavery in first grade. And not to be outdone by history, they piled on with fears of Global Warming. The latter had him really frightened until I assured him it was pure political bullshit.

In my grade school days (the 1950s) slavery was a taboo topic and PC was to ignore ubiquitous legal segregation in business and government. It would have been smarter then, and would be now as well, to let, as the song says, freedom ring

Dental discount scam

When Mr. B. and I lost our dental insurance and I discovered how expensive it would be to get another policy, I signed up for a dental discount service. Then I discovered it was mainly useful for the service with its $30 down and $15 a month.

Then I discovered that most people don’t have dental insurance. Possibly because dental discounts are easy to get if you pay up front instead of forcing them to ply an insurance company with paperwork and long delays. Just ask the dentist’s office manager. You might not get more than 10 percent off, but you never know. Especially if you write a check immediately.

So the so-called discount services are little more than a scam for the untutored. It got worse when I tried to cancel the subscription and discovered the “service” web site claiming not to recognize my sign-in and password. I had to go through my credit card company, instead, and ask them to deny the charges. They did.