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No toilet seats in Cuba

Plastic, it seems, is rationed in Cuba. So there’s no toilet seats in even the high-cost restaurants. And, of course, there’s no toilet paper, just like there wasn’t in the former Soviet Union. What is it with Communism and toilet paper?

This revelation comes from “A Tale of Two Cubas,” by Ron Radosh, in the latest issue of The Weekly Standard, which I get in magazine form.

“We saw giant piles of garbage that had been rotting for days. Sadly we saw more than one elderly man or woman picking through the piles in the hope of finding something of value, perhaps some leftover food…You have to be ingenious to make do on $26 a month.”

The vaunted “free” medical care is only for the Communist elite and the tourists…the regular doctors and hospitals…are so short of medical supplies that even aspirin is rationed…[and they] are crowded and unsanitary…”

The pricey hotels and restaurants are owned by the Cuban military which President Trump is in the process of putting off limits to Americans, who may not do any business with the Cuban military, which Bronco Bama’s opening to Cuba had allowed.

Bureaucracy is bureaucracy. If you notice that your restaurant is a little small, Radosh reports, it’s because “The government dictates the number of seats allowed…it began at 12 and has been allowed to rise only to 50.”

Via The Weekly Standard & The Miami Herald.

Austin company bids on border wall

Black Security Products LLC has already built about 30 percent of the current fencing along the border. Now they want to do a concrete wall topped with a fence and an elevated platform to serve as a road.

“’It’s like a bridge,’ said Neusch, who shared the conceptual drawings for his bid with the American-Statesman. ‘It’s part of our design for the border wall.’ While he wouldn’t give cost estimates, he said the structure, with the additional steel lane for Border Patrol vehicles to drive on while they patrol, wouldn’t come cheap.”

Via Austin American-Statesman

Pancho Villa’s Trigger Finger

El Paso is a long way from Austin, and never one of my favorite destinations. “El Paso,” I used to say, “thy name is ugliness.” But Pancho Villa’s trigger finger?

“Luis immediately spots the finger in the window—gnarled and gray in a hammered bronze box next to shelves crammed with jewelry, its longish fingernail still intact. A typed message in a wood frame next to it explains that this is indeed the forefinger of a ‘notorious bandit’ and ‘ruthless killer’ who was also considered a local hero. That’s a lot of human paradox wrapped up into one little crooked finger in an El Paso pawnshop.”

Via Texas Highways Magazine

Revolt Against The Elites

P.J. O’Roark in the new issue of the Weekly Standard:

“The elites fail and don’t suffer any consequences from their failures. As it is with elite carelessness about refugees, so it is with elite carelessness about immigration. To elites immigration means nannies, household staff, and fun new ethnic restaurants. Elites don’t see any similarity between Trump’s border wall and the gated communities where they live.”

They will, eventually, when the wall is up and the steady flow of cheap, unskilled labor is choked at last.

84 Lumber’s Ode to Illegals

“Construction materials company 84 Lumber’s [Super Bowl] advertisement featured a mother and daughter ostensibly journeying illegally from Latin America or Mexico to the United States…[The ad] shows the mother and daughter walking through a large door of what appears be President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall.

“’The will to succeed is always welcome here,’ reads the company’s tagline.”

Four other ads also were political, including a Budweiser paean to plain vanilla immigration. Presumably these are not companies that will be adding new American hires in the Trump economy—unless they’re refugees or illegals.

Via Breitbart.

UPDATE:  It seems 84 Lumber really was soliciting illegals. If that’s not against the law, it should be.

Study: Clinton got 800K noncitizen votes

“Based on national polling by a consortium of universities, a report by Mr. Richman said 6.4 percent of the estimated 20 million adult noncitizens in the U.S. voted in November. He extrapolated that that percentage would have added 834,381 net votes for Mrs. Clinton, who received about 2.8 million more votes than Mr. Trump.”

More likely she got them all. How likely, after all, would they be to vote for the fellow who was promising to deport them?

Via Drudge Report

Twenty percent tax on Mexican imports

Whether the 20 percent holds or is reduced I like the idea of holding their feet to the fire. For years their oligarchy has been dumping their poor on us rather than improve living standards for those without multiple foreign bank accounts.

Plus it sends exactly the right message to American manufacturers who think they can decamp to Nuevo Leon and pay starvation wages to the peons. Our consumer goods may cost more as a result, and the Mexican oligarchy may find their power threatened from within.

But in conjunction with a real, steel wall sunk to bedrock to prevent tunneling… Way cool.

Via One America News Network