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“The great country singer, Loretta Lynn, passed away today. She was beautiful both inside and out, with the voice of an angel. She will never be forgotten and thankfully, her music will go on forever. Rest In Peace, Loretta!”

And have fun when you’re not.

Via realDonaldTrump at TruthSocial

White Lives Matter

T-shirt slogan by Kanye West

Back to Beth

Beth Blackerby, that is, as I try to recall (and learn new) details about playing the violin. Violin Lab was where I started eleven years ago. So while I’ve been away from playing for four years, it feels like home.

The Legendary Duke Ellington

Hot trumpets and tinkling piano keys in Harlem Air Shaft suits my mood today. Maybe I’ll get more dreams.

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Super Spreader?

Mr. Boy was home for the weekend to attend the Austin City Limits music festival at Zilker Park. He estimated that 100,000 others were there with him, shoulder to shoulder, some masked many not. He’s been vaxed with the Pfizer twice, so he wasn’t worried, but whether he should have been remains to be seen.

Auld Lang Syne

Our thanks to the resident here at the canyon who, around midnight last night, amid the usual bottle rockets and roman candles, played Auld Lang Syne on a trumpet. He (or she?) also plays taps on Memorial Day. Sweet notes drifting through the trees. A healthy year to all!

Dream a little dream of me

Feels like a gift from Mrs. Charm. Although I found it on another blog, it just feels like a gift. I’ve read of such roundabout messages. Nice to experience one. Thanks, my love.

UPDATE: Timely, too, as our 28th wedding anniversary is the 11th.