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Eye surgery

It’s difficult to write this, as the left eye is very blurry and the other is pretty clear. The one-eyed man and all that. Post-op conversation with the surgeon revealed that the left-eye cataracts were thick and required some unusual work to remove. So he was glad I was under full anesthesia. He installed a thin cover over the new lens which may fall out after a few days or wait until he removes it next week. Blurriness will continue for about four more days. Otherwise I should be seeing better soon and best after a prescription for new glasses. At least I won’t be gradually going blind from cataracts. So the future looks bright and I’ll have to wear shades. So to speak.

Cataract surgery

Tomorrow at sometime after 10:30 a.m. when I’m supposed to arrive at the Bailey Square surgery center. It will be on my left eye, under full anesthesia, a relief as that one is quite foggy and getting foggier. The new lens in the right eye seems to be working okay, though I’m still going to need glasses.

UPDATE: It went well under full anesthesia. More later.

Left eye surgery

Now scheduled for the 29th. Full anesthesia, I hope, so we don’t have to go through the rigmarole of the right eye surgery. Timely, as the left eye is getting very blurry with cataracts.

The surgery virgin

I made it through the eye surgery with no pain and no recall at all. I was out for the count under full anesthesia. The retina surgeon said later that he didn’t suture down the moved lens but merely moved it to a better place that he thinks will hold and improve. Said he was mitigating risk, as my old eye structures would make the sutures riskier. So I’m no longer a surgery virgin, but I don’t feel violated. Now to keep my fingers off the eye for the week the surgeon said it would take to settle down. I’m wearing the glasses I had stopped wearing to help keep the eye safe.

Eye Surgery

It’s going to be more complicated than the cataract surgery last time, the retina specialist said this morning. More invasive. Full anesthesia, which is good. I won’t be squinting and damaging more tissue and they won’t have to tie my hands down again. Not messing with the retina, which is fine, just that a retina surgeon has more experience at meticulous work inside the eye. He’s going to try and save the new lens the cataract surgeon installed but may have to replace it, which will take longer. But I won’t care because I’ll be out of it. So we’re off to the races on March 1. Quite an adventure for a surgery virgin

Onward, through the fog…

Found out today at scheduled eye appointment that I have a complication: my new right-eye lens has slipped down, due to some tissue underneath it that tore when I was unconsciously squinting hard during the operation, and some subsequent rubbing of the itching eye during sleep, after I had stopped (as planned) wearing a plastic shield over the eye when sleeping.

The slippage is causing a doubling of overhead lights and even shiny doorknobs. So now I need a second surgery in which the lens will be moved back to center and sutured in place so it can’t move. This time they aim to put me all the way to sleep, being intubated (tube down the throat), so, hopefully, I won’t be squinting again. All this before the left eye is done, now probably not until April. Onward, through the fog…