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Family fun

We may be off to Fredericksburg to a B&B with a pool. Step-daughter has to sign off on it. No telling. We’d go in the middle of the week after Labor Day for three or four nights. We’d hope to spend time talking to each other, including at least one board game evening, but there’d always be shopping, restauranting, clubbing for the kids, and visiting Enchanted Rock about a half hour north.

Sedona would be preferred by all but with Amtrak cancellations and price increases due to fuel and food, it seems too dicey this year. And probably through 2024 as long as Slimy Biden is POTUS. Not to mention the threat of World War III. F-burg is less than two hours away from home, versus most of Texas and all of New Mexico.

The mask nazis won

I would suspect that Amtrak’s decision to halt the vaccine mandate for employees reveals that most of the holdouts are front-line workers on the trains themselves.

“I would bet, and it is essentially admitted by the statement from Amtrak, that a much higher percentage of the critical workers are refusing the vaccine than exist in the total employment ranks.  The most productive and critical employees within any organization are independent minded, dependable and capable of a much larger influence than the average person.  It is inside that core group of highly critical employees where effects from a vaccine mandate refusal makes the biggest impact.”

The mask nazis, in other words, whom we encountered on our last train trip, who threatened to throw off the train any passenger caught not wearing a mask. And put them off in the furthest reaches, the most rural, part of the schedule. Their performance soured us a bit on government railroad but we’re still considering a rail trip to Sedona next year.

Via The Conservative Treehouse

Russ’s stone is up

Our OCS buddy Russell Wheat’s stone went up today, six months after ordering due to a shortage of granite. His stone is on the right, next to his father’s in the middle and mother’s on the left. Relieved we don’t have to go back to fix anything. It was a long haul to Higgins, Texas, from Austin via Amtrak to Oklahoma City and thence to Higgins in a rental car to arrange everything. Now it’s done. Only awaits the combat veteran’s plaque in front of the stone. Rest easy, old friend, and have fun when you’re not.

Family vacation

Bar’s idea is to take our two adult children and go spend a few days at a Texas vacation spot. I’m for either the beach at Port Aransas, or McDonald Observatory in the Davis Mountains of West Texas. I’m figuring the “kids” will opt for the beach around Labor Day. Make it a two-fer year, 2022, with a March train trip to Sedona for just us. Or take them to Sedona on the train. We’ll see.

Sedona, here we come

Once we decide how to get there: by plane or by train. There are advantages with both, but it looks like plane to Phoenix and rent a car to drive to Sedona is the best bet. Where we’ll soak up the spiritual vibes, stay two-three nights, buy some crystals and drive back and fly home. Probably starting in April.

UPDATE: It’s unanimous. We’re going by Amtrak, heh, with only one major layover, five hours in San Antonio, and a route that stops at Del Rio which is on the border.

MORE: It’s off. Too many complications and uncertainties, with the Ukraine-Russia war. We may go to Palo Duro Canyon, instead. In September. If we get nuked, all bets are off.

The CDC’s mask-Nazis

This will mainly create little mask-Nazis that grow up to be adult Nazis. Like the 30ish female attendant on Amtrak who recently, repeatedly over a P.A. system, threatened all of us in coach that if we were caught without a mask on we’d be thrown off the train at the next stop, however remote. A threat they used to reserve for smokers.

Via Instapundit

Mask Nazis

That’s what the attendants and conductors were on our train trip to Oklahoma City and back again. They kept threatening to put us off in nowhere if they caught us without masks and they frequently walked the aisles in coach to see if they could catch anyone. But that’s government railroad for you. Doesn’t matter that we are vaccinated. The rules are the rules. Stupid.