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Hurricane-damaged EVs burning

“Fire department officials across Southwest Florida are urging electric vehicle owners to take action after multiple EVs caught fire due to water damage from Hurricane Ian…”

Gas-diesel vehicles simply wouldn’t start. The learning curve is steep on EVs.

A chemistry lesson.

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The down side of EVs

“Fires have been a major issue for Tesla vehicles in recent years. Breitbart News recently reported that another Tesla caused major issues after catching fire with firefighters in Stamford, Connecticut, struggling to put out the blaze. Breitbart News has reported that fire departments have begun recognizing that electric vehicle fires pose a significant danger and need further training to handle them appropriately.”

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Coal-powered vehicles

Otherwise known as EVs.  Electric Cars Are Not “Zero-Emission” Vehicles Like the Chevy Dolt.

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Fly in the EV ointment

“California will suffer an energy shortage and ‘Flex Alerts’ through Labor Day due to high temperatures, and residents will be asked to conserve electricity during afternoons and evenings, which means refraining from charging electric vehicles, among other uses.”

Wouldn’t this be a kick in the head if everyone drove EVs and needed them to get to work or buy food or take the kid on an emergency run to the hospital? Fix the grid, first, bozos.

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EVs aren’t catching on

We know their politics. How ’bout the economics? So far, they ain’t selling, at least in Colorado, which was supposed to be a hot market.

“Most citizens are, with reason, not springing for an electric vehicle even with a slightly better local infrastructure to support it.”

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The Planned Gas Collapse

Gas and other energy prices are going to be much higher folks, thanks to the Lyin’ Biden administration, plus the Russia-Ukraine war. Which, according to EPOCH Times analyst Joshua Phillipp, was a freebie on top of an intentional war on all fossil fuels. To eliminate them and replace them with solar and wind, and electric cars, in the name of saving the world from climate change. As if humans could change the climate.

$45 worth of gasoline

That was 10 gallons worth. It sobered me. Would be much worse if I was a single parent living paycheck to paycheck. Nevermind electric cars. The Dimocrats want us riding bicycles. Austin’s lefty council was preparing us, with all the bike lanes of the past few years squeezing two-lane streets to one lane. They knew.