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Lyin’ Biden doesn’t care

“Toyota President Akio Toyoda said Japan would run out of electricity in the summer if all cars were running on electric power.”

Not to mention the U.S.

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Climate scam

First the pols stripped us of cheap incandescent light bulbs and now they’re trying to force us to buy electric vehicles.

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Looking over the VW ID.4 and the Chevy Bolt (“See the USA, in your Chevrolet”). Both start about $33,000 for the basic model. Both are little boxes on wheels but the interiors are interesting. Really hate being pushed into this by the government. Will probably be having to get a used Toyota Prius for the Aggie. A used gas model would be so much cheaper. Fortunately don’t have to decide now. Once gas reaches $10 a gallon in Lyin’ Biden’s on-purpose “incredible transition,” that will be the time to get it on.

UPDATE: The Nissan Leaf’s basic model starts at only $20,000 and Nissan, in general, has a better reputation than either VW or Chevy. Toyota, however…


Here’s my offer: $10 a gallon gas by spring, certainly by summer. The idea is to drive us all to public transportation (buses, light rail, bicycles, etc.) Or electric cars. Unless the Saudis bail us out, but even then the price won’t go down by much.

Most people can’t afford electric cars, nor the replacement of the battery after it craters. Just daily recharging is expensive and takes hours. I am luckily retired. Those that must get to work every day are going to take it in the shorts. 

Lyin’ Biden’s chargers

Well, I was wrong earlier when I said His Fraudulence was promoting electric cars but not arranging for their periodic charging. He has made arrangements, but they’re (as you would expect from a Dim) the wrong ones.

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