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Our senile leader

“This is where we are in the world right now. I turn on the television, against my better judgement, to find the news networks carrying another rambling speech by our senile leader, between the lies and coughing up a lung, saying pretty much exactly what democrats have been saying since the 90’s – the rich don’t pay their fair share and business needs to be punished.”

Never mind Bideninflation or the unvaccinated swarming the border or having lost the war to the headchoppers.

Via Diogenes Middle Finger

Biden underwater

Hovering right at 40 percent approval, Lyin’ Biden could cost the Dims the House and Senate next year. Hard to see how he could turn the Afghanistan fiasco around now. Interesting how the pollsters avoid giving one number but insist on giving us an analysis that confuses things. The Mediacrats prefer it that way for their own.

UPDATE: So he changed the subject to vaccine mandates. Or tried to.

Biden doesn’t care

“Since the 1980s, Joe Biden has been lying like a rug—and didn’t care. Let’s circle back to his civil rights movement lie, where his aides told him during his 1988 presidential run that his tales on the stump were false. He didn’t care.”

Let’s hope his fantasy world doesn’t include nukes.

Lyin’ Biden

That’s the title of a new category hereabouts. Let’s start with the Tree of Life Synagogue which Biden claims to have visited after the 2018 massacre that killed 11. Not so, says the synagogue’s rabbi. Biden never did.