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Rule 5: Louise Varns


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Texas Dim flops

“I have embarrassed myself and my party,” says Dimocrat party leader Gary O’Connor, submitting his resignation.

Yep, I’d say so. Still trying to keep them down on the plantation, eh Gary?

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Idiot news

A Fox news blonde bimbo, “covering” the Boulder supermarket massacre, describes an AR 356 AR 536 as an automatic rifle. It is, in fact, a rifle scope, not a rifle. And automatic rifles have been outlawed for civilians since the 1930s days of the Tommy Gun. Just pathetic journalism.


Word to the wise

Windows and bugs

Yesterday we had a young window washer from Gwyndows come do the outside and (mostly) inside of the mini-rancho’s windows for a reasonable price. He missed a few spots on some windows, but for the most part, he did a splendid job and we are grateful.

Today, this afternoon, Bugmaster is coming to do the whole place, mostly the baseboards, because we’ve seen a few, little spiders and millipedes. And we don’t like ’em. We figure the scorpions are staying out because they’re desert creatures and it’s in the triple digits. But come the fall and temperatures dropping, they will come inside to get warm, or maybe have a warm place to hibernate. Plus they love spiders. So we need to deny them a food supply by getting rid of bugs! So they’ll go somewhere else.

Lileks’ disorientation

It seems normal, even in burned and looted Minneapolis…

“But it’s not normal, because there is a ravening spirit still at work. Diminished, now wrecking its way through the culture, erasing careers and TV shows and movies – a sudden gust of something that has been whistling through the cracks for years, and is overdue for rebuking. I don’t know what form that would take, or if it will happen.”

Not as long as anti-Israel, anti-Jew Blacks Lives Matter is still raging and extorting blood money for the Dimocrat Party

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