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Russia hoaxers did the raid

“This week we learned that the FBI unit responsible for the raid is the same unit responsible for the Trump-Russia collusion hoax investigation.”

And the scumbag judge the FBI shopped its search request to recused himself once before on a Trump matter because he is an admitted Trump-hater. But not this time. He wanted in on the action.

Via PJMedia

The Planned Gas Collapse

Gas and other energy prices are going to be much higher folks, thanks to the Lyin’ Biden administration, plus the Russia-Ukraine war. Which, according to EPOCH Times analyst Joshua Phillipp, was a freebie on top of an intentional war on all fossil fuels. To eliminate them and replace them with solar and wind, and electric cars, in the name of saving the world from climate change. As if humans could change the climate.

Why are we in Ukraine?

“Now here we are, being driven toward war with Vladimir Putin’s Russia by a relentless military-industrial propaganda campaign organized by a corrupt gerontocracy in command of our armed forces in support of a dubious cause, for absolutely no good reason of state.”

But lots of individual reasons, from the multiple Republican and Democrat consultants to Ukraine politics over the last many years, to the current money-laundering services provided for our corrupt politicians.

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Victims of Communism Day

Will be Nov. 7 in Florida. “In Florida, we will tell the truth about communism,” says the redoubtable Republican governor, Ron DeSantis,, establishing the day to remember.

The coming famine

“Ukraine and Russia are two of the top grain-exporting countries in the world. Ukraine has been selling grain to the West since ancient times. With those supplies disrupted, a global food shortage impends, and many are predicting that populations in some vulnerable areas that can’t produce enough food for themselves will starve….

“Our farmers produce more food than anyone. But here, too, environmentalist fantasies are reducing food production. Countless acres of productive farm land are being taken over for wind and solar installations.”

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National submarine day

Celebrated by the US Navy. Silence, they say, is golden. Hope our Boomers are ready. Russia has them, too.

Biden endangers us all

The White House minions keep walking back his incendiary remarks, but the one about Putin needing to be the subject of regime change, went through loud and clear nevertheless. The Kremlin brushed it aside, but it’s doubtful that Putin did. Maybe he won’t throw a nuke at us. Maybe he will. Note that they didn’t walk back the fine people hoax. They like that one.

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