The coast is clear…


Port A in 2002/via Austin Air Sports

 …of hurricanes or other storms, that is, so we’re headed that way in the morning. Adios central Texas, buenos dias THE BEACH at Port Aransas, on Mustang Island, northeast of Corpus Christi. See you manana (actually Monday night, maybe). Not a big enough fish to have guest bloggers take over, so we’ll just ring down the storefront and hit the rodeo. Be sure to check out the video of the Nahal patrol. Especially if you’re a groundpounder past or present. Just scroll down a ways to find Night Patrol.

UPDATE Port A has grown a lot since the first time I saw it in the late 1970s, even more since the picture above was taken, with several new large condos along the dune line. ‘Course being there on Labor Day Weekend would make any resort look crowded, and the one grocery and half a dozen convenience stores in the little town best known for its Marlin sport fishing, were packed. The beach, normally almost empty just three weeks into September, was wall-to-wall tailgaters under tents. Fun anyway. Even the ferry rides, as always.  

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