Top Ten War Movies

My list, mainly compiled from the choices at the post here and also the ones from the commenters there (they didn’t mention Twelve O’Clock High or Ran, but they’re my favorites):

10. The Lighthorsemen

9. Glory

8. Twelve O’Clock High

7. The Great Escape

6. Run Silent, Run Deep

5. Fort Apache

4. Bridge Over The River Kwai

3. Zulu

2. Ran

1. Das Boot

0 responses to “Top Ten War Movies

  1. Man. I am so very, very sad for you.
    You have wandered so far from real war movies.

  2. Dick Stanley

    Ha. I guess you mean there’s no Marine movies on my list. Give me your list, JD. Let me guess, Full Metal Jacket, right, followed by, what, Guadalcanal? I thought FMJ was silly. But then I thought most VN movies were silly.