My electric lawnmower

It annoys me, sometimes, dragging the extension cord around behind the mower, and trying not to trip or run over it. It does look mighty Green, and should easily qualify for the EPA’s proposed new Global Warming rules on every emission.

As long as the lawnmower inspector doesn’t complain that the source of the electricity is the city’s power plants which are run mainly by fossil fuels. In their case, a lot of natural gas, supplemented by a little nuclear and a little wind. I suppose I should worry what will happen to the landscaping guys I pay to do the front yard. They use plain old gas mowers trailing black smoke exhaust. The restrictions could make them significantly raise their charges, ultimately putting me out dragging the extension cord of the electric mower in the front yard as well.

0 responses to “My electric lawnmower

  1. Well, you can always fall back to a scythe – if you know where to get one. Then the electric cord will not bother you anymore and the treehuggers will make you their chairman.

  2. Dick Stanley

    Yep. I might even get a visit from the chief malarky, the Gorebot hisself.

  3. I’m slowly (we’re talking 13 months now) getting used to this darn cord. On the other hand, not putting gas in the thing has been a budgetary boon.

  4. Dick Stanley

    There certainly is that. I also do not miss keeping the stuff around, either, waiting for it to start a fire.