Fort Worth light bulb’s (alleged) hundredth year

I won’t go into any of the crass names that Fort Worth has been called, even by Texans (maybe, especially by Texans). But I truly doubt the Stock Yard Museum’s claim to an antique light bulb that’s been burning since September, 1908. What, no power outages in a hundred years? Bosh. When it comes to municipal brag, I prefer such as lowly Hutto’s claim that it is the Hippo Capital of Texas with, almost certainly, the largest concrete hippo in the world today–Henrietta, by name, weighing in at 14,000 pounds–not to mention diverse others.

Via Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub.

0 responses to “Fort Worth light bulb’s (alleged) hundredth year

  1. I wish I had some bulbs like this one anyway. These “power saving” newfangled garbage keep burning out at a rate that will surely keep the industry happy.

  2. Dick Stanley

    It is an impressive bulb, though I imagine the heat it throws off would raise room temperature five or six degrees–making it nice in the winter but not-so-much in the summer. The so-called power savers are at least cool by comparison.