New home away from home

The confirmation this week of liquid water on Mars may not be startling but it’s a solid boost:

"Mars has become a much more attractive location for the establishment of earthly life. That knowledge will help in the refinement of plans for settling the planet in a self-sufficient way, whenever those who wish to do so can somehow raise the money to get there."

Government’s bean counters will decide, for now, until private enterprise can figure how to make money off it.

0 responses to “New home away from home

  1. Maybe after some oil is found? Nah, too expensive to pump it back here 😉

  2. Dick Stanley

    Oil would be a kick. There’s undoubtedly some kind of ore there. I suspect it will depend on how badly enough people want to go and try to settle it and transform it. To the extent that can be done. If I was young I would sign up for the adventure alone.