Let My Sarah Go

Just once I’d like to see a presidential/vice presidential candidate with the guts not to defer to the nitwit talking heads. Why not turn the tables on schoolmarm Gibson looking bored over his reading glasses or Couric-the-shrew who argues rather than interviews? Respond to their juvenile gotcha games with some of your own, as in Mark Steyn’s humorous example? Sarah would be the perfect one to start it.

It’s probable that the first "debate"’s low viewership (apparently smaller than Bush-Kerry in ’04) is due to its being held on a Friday night, when people have better things to do than watch the boobtube. But it could also be that people are finally fed up with seeing candidates for the most powerful office in the world defering to biased, blow-dried "journalists," as though these overpaid, supercillious twits were the ones with their fingers on the red buttons. Show some guts, people!

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