Teddy, the incoherent liberal

"For all the talk of how much he cared for the weakest members of society, the fact is he helped kill tens of millions of the most vulnerable."

Think Viet Nam, Cambodia, Iraq, aborted babies, Mary Jo Kopechne, etc. I will, once again, defy convention and skip the hagiography for the dead liberal senator who I always found, at best, a curious fellow. The Brothers Judd, above, include a bit of the usual Big Media swoon, along with their biting commentary. Nevermind one-term Barry’s equally incoherent praise.

I saw ol’ Ted in person several times. He was enormously corpulent. Jowly. He was always campaigning for more tax money for more issues to "fight" more problems. Did he ever create a single thing on his own?

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UPDATE: Teddy the boozer in his cups. Via Instapundit. And

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  1. Yep. The Big Dig in Boston. Crumbling as it is repaired.

  2. When I was young, in the 60s, Teddy was the stooge of the brothers. Nobody took him seriously. Just a rich boy with more appetites than ambition. For my money he never changed.