Souvenir de la Malmaison


This was one of the first antique roses I planted at the rancho. To commemorate my Mississippi great great grandmother who had one in her dooryard. But I never took a decent shot of ours, and a neighbor’s use of too much herbicide, apparently, wiped it out last summer. Having to use this Australian site’s photo of a bloom because the replacement plant, which I finally got around to planting was run over the other day and chewed up by the landscaper’s lawnmower. It’s reliable and it will come back from the roots, and I’ll get my own photo, but it may not be until next spring.

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  1. I always have that inferiority complex when I see people able to grow stuff. Pretty.
    Off topic: thought you may be interested in this:

  2. These roses are so easy, they can hardly be screwed up. Unless your neighbor dumps a load of herbicide on you. Or a lawnmower runs over one.
    OT I don’t understand the left’s doublespeak. Never have.