Well here we are

Here we are at last, rare readers. Actually that was short, thanks to Scott Chaffin, computer tech extraordinaire. Nice looking place we have here, eh? I believe I will mess about a bit.

Like Mr. B., a very attentive child as a two-year-old when it came to adult conversation, who one day marched into the back yard and announced: “You [because we always addressed him as “you” he therefore had no concept of a personal pronoun] got to screw something up!”

Me, too. Meanwhile, Happy New Year to all. Especially, Scott.

0 responses to “Well here we are

  1. Hey, congrats with the new place! When is the housewarming?

    It seemed really to be painless, from a POV of an outside observer at least.

  2. Ahh-I can comment on your site!

    Just as you never can comment at my “place”, even though I have a Typepad account I could never make it work here.

    Oddly enough, though, I have nothing to say.

  3. Looks good so far.

  4. Thanks for the welcoming. So far so good. I’m learning how to make things work without breaking anything.

    Housewarming will be later this afternoon. At noon it’s showtime! I have to corral Mr. B. for the finishing of his science project for school. More on that after it’s over.

    Good to have you back, John. Yep, wide open and fancy free. So far getting only about 25 spam comments a day. WordPress is supposed to take care of that. We shall see what we shall see.

  5. Gee. It’s going to be a Great Year! I no longer have to back channel to my friend the Scribbler. Happy New Year.

  6. Dick Stanley

    Yeah, that’ll make a difference for both of us. Happy New Year to you and Bev, Tom.