Battle at the Kotel


Phyllis Chesler, Pajamas Media’s chief warrior against “honor” killings of Islamic women by their fathers, husbands and brothers, takes on the battle between the Israeli feminists and Israeli Ultra-Orthodox men:

“Compared to Saudi Arabia or Iran, Israel is a paradise on earth for women. However, just like the rest of the Middle East, and like Europe, Israel is being rapidly Arabized and Islamified in terms of women and religion.”

Worth a read. (See also the battle of the commenters at the end. You know, two Jews, three opinions.)

0 responses to “Battle at the Kotel

  1. What really could happen to a man that goes to the other side? You know, I have never asked 😉

  2. Probably why they throw chairs, instead. Y’all really do need to separate church and state. Even at the risk of Jimmy Carter disliking you more.