Austin plane crash

Well, this is certainly weird. A little freelance suicide terrorism by air, though apparently not of the Islamic variety. That’s a change. The pilot even left an online manifesto (praising communism and calling capitalism “greedy”) re his target: an IRS audit office.

Caused a heckuva fire, but that figures, if the plane (one similar to this) was full of gas. About two miles north of the rancho, as it happens. This seems to be the guy’s (second) wife and daughter step-daughter. My condolences to them.

UPDATE:  Late Thursday, the daily was calling the plane a Cherokee Piper 140 four-seater, similar to this one, and saying there’s at least one dead besides the pilot, tentatively identified as the plane’s owner Andrew Joseph Stack III. Also at least one man burned and several with minor injuries. A WaPo columnist, among others, is blaming the Tea Partiers. Figures.

MORE:  Some people think the suicide terrorist was a “hero,” and it’s not who you might think.

0 responses to “Austin plane crash

  1. At least he doesn’t blame Bush, so we can already talk about some progress.

  2. You didn’t read his manifesto. He does blame Bush. The liberals are already trying to paint him as a Tea Party conservative. His manifesto makes clear he was too self-absorbed to come down on one side or the other. He didn’t like Bush or corporations. He indicates he liked and misses Communism, but that’s too easy. He was a murdering SOB who destroyed his wife’s and step-daughter’s lives by burning down their house before doing his swan-dive to kill strangers outright. Politics was beside the point with him. It was all about him.

  3. On t’other hand, self-obsession is something that seems to crop out more often on the left, or so it seems to me.

  4. I agree, CG, along with telling other people what to do. Murdering them, I suppose, is a extreme form of that.

  5. Sounds like a mentally deranged Liberal to me. How mean spirited can you get???

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  7. Oops… I did browse it, but was bored quite quickly, so I missed Bush part.