Bride in the Bluebonnets


Still haven’t made a good pix of the 2010 Bluebonnet crop, so will borrow this one from enterprising Dallas wedding photographer Jeremy Gilliam.

0 responses to “Bride in the Bluebonnets

  1. Wow, that is a beautiful photo, Dick.
    Thanks for posting it.

  2. Dick Stanley

    Indeed, and I don’t know which I like better, her or the flowers.

  3. It’s a great picture indeed. Why is the bride looking down and away from the camera, though? Having second thoughts?

  4. Dick Stanley

    I just hope she is not thinking: “Jeremy should sue this blogger for swiping his picture.” I just like the mystery of her facing away, apparently looking at the flowers, though you could be right about the second thoughts. Although it’s usually the men who have them.

  5. I’m always happy to see my photos put to good use, and glad that he gave me credit and linked to my site! Also I can report that one year later the bride and groom are still happily married.