The phony “peace process”

It doesn’t offer even the illusion of hope because first, says Palestinian journalist Khaled Abu Toameh, the Pals must make peace with themselves:

“Dismantle all the Palestinian militias, start building Palestinian infra-structures, solve the Palestinian-Palestinian problems—and only then, sit down with the Jews. Obama thinks the ball is in the Israeli court. That is not true.”

But, hey, maybe we shouldn’t confuse Obamalot and the leftists with facts. They’re having too much fun hating on Israel.

Via PajamasMedia.

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  1. Cox and Forkum’s search engine stinks so I can’t find it, but they had a great cartoon on the “Peace Process”.
    One kid is playing with blocks with letters on them, he has a little structure using blocks that spell out “Israel”, another kid is standing there with a cricket bat saying, “Wanna play peace process?”

    That’s all you ever need to know about the Peace Process. If the Arabs wanted peace, they could have had it any time in the last 60+ years.
    The only “peace” they want is one without Israel.

    • Dick Stanley

      It’s a game the West plays to try to keep the oil flowing at a reasonable price. Nobody really expects it to work.