Lies Obamalot tells

“Every resource that can be put at that border is being put at the border. Every security is being made.” Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said. “But we still need comprehensive immigration reform.”

Why, yes, of course. I’ve seen the twenty-foot-high chain-link fence that runs from one end of the 2,000-mile border to the other, especially its main portion in South Texas. Haven’t you?

Not to mention the private security guards (solving unemployment, doncha know) every twenty feet on eight-hour shifts. That’ll slow ’em down. Yessir.

Not that Janet is a unique liar. She has plenty of company:

The Top 10 Dumbest Things Said About the Arizona Immigration Law.

The common denominator of all ten is the racism charge. If you try to stop illegal immigration from the South nowadays—except by amnesty for all Mexican illegals now and in the future—you are called a racist by practically every newspaper. And by some bloggers who are comfortably far away from the border. Not to mention on CNN, of course.

Even usually-placid Peggy Noonan is quite tired of this old, discredited Democrat ploy. She worries that many, many of us have become so alienated from Washington over this border issue that someday soon, well… Something is going to break.

0 responses to “Lies Obamalot tells

  1. Heh. I’ve posted on the subject again, Dick. You won’t like this one any better. Do keep in mind that Mexicans don’t just go to TX, AZ, and CA. They go where the jobs are. How inhuman of them.

  2. Dick Stanley

    They mainly stay here, John, and in New Mexico, Arizona and California. Where the jobs are. You only get a trickle. They don’t like your cold weather, or your lack of Spanish language, among other things.

    Which is great for you. You get to feel all virtuous and humanitarian with your amnesty opinion, while the border states get the burden of culture and economic changes and swamping of schools, emergency rooms and charity services. Not to mention unlicensed and uninsured drivers on the roads. But that suits you just fine. You already were convinced you were better and smarter than us, anyhow. Right?