Abi Titmuss: Rule 5


Chocolate is dandy but baked goods are nice and, er, warm. Happy V Day.

Via Dustbury.

0 responses to “Abi Titmuss: Rule 5

  1. Hmm… not bad. I hope the oven is off, lest she spoils her left shoe 😉

  2. Indeed. As the fabled Tatyana at Dustbury commented, the shoes are too big and you don’t scatter powdered sugar over the oven door and floor if you’re serious. But, me, I think it’s pretty endearing.

  3. It’s a guy’s dream of what happens in the kitchen, as distinguished from what actually happens in the kitchen.

    To which the proper response is “So?”

  4. Kitchen cred certainly wasn’t the reason I chose Ms Titmuss for V-day.