Who’s winning the war ten years later?

Hint: It ain’t US.

“After all, [radical] Islamist groups have won elections in Iran, the Gaza Strip, Lebanon, and Turkey.  The [Muslim] Brotherhood is set to become the largest single party in Egypt….

“One way the U.S. government achieves [victory] statistics is to redefine specific events — a shooting at the El Al counter in Los Angeles, an attack on a Jewish community center in the Pacific Northwest, the murder of a military recruiter in Arkansas, and even the Ft. Hood killer — as non-terrorist, non-Islamist criminal acts.”

Ever notice how quick the FBI is to say that the latest solo Jihadi act is NOT terrorism? If we can’t even get the enemy named, how the hell can we win?

UPDATE: Michael Totten, my favorite Middle East correspondent, has a good new piece from Cairo on Egypt’s failed Arab Spring and, among other things, its bizarre memorial to its bogus “victory” in the 1973 war with Israel.

0 responses to “Who’s winning the war ten years later?

  1. Don’t forget – Afghanistan and Iraq are both Islamic Republics, with Islam as the explicit highest law of the land.

    While nothing against Muslims (if you’re in DFW, you might be familiar with the Muslim neighborhood in Plano, which is full of fine people) I do have an issue with any country making their backwards myths the highest law of the land.

    • I’m in Austin, but I know where you mean. Islam, per se, doesn’t bother me. Only radical Islam, or fundamentalist Islamism. They’re the ones at war with us. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Oh, but you know how it goes. Cops of all kinds were excellent at these crime statistics, futzing around with numbers. So now the WH picked up the idea.

  3. The FBI has always been political, especially back in the day when it was run by Hoover the cross-dresser.