Still Air Chance

The Popular Mechanics analysis of the flight deck transcript of the 2009 Air France crash into the Atlantic is chilling:

02:14:23 (Robert) Putain, on va taper… C’est pas vrai!
Damn it, we’re going to crash… This can’t be happening!

02:14:25 (Bonin) Mais qu’est-ce que se passe?
But what’s happening?

02:14:27 (Captain) 10 degrès d’assiette…
Ten degrees of pitch…

When I was young, in the 1950s, Air France was rather widely known as Air Chance. Seems it would still be a good idea, if you can help it, not to fly Air Frog.

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  1. I would also blame the trend to build complex machines using parts from the lowest bidder…

  2. You should read the analysis. The rookie Bonin held his stick back the whole time and the other two had no way to know he was doing it. He stalled (and kept stalling) the plane until he crashed it all by himself.

    That’s a fundamental flaw of the Airbus design—no feedback from one stick to the other in manual mode, as they were, after the pitot tube iced over. The other two were only complicit, especially the captain who went off to bed as they flew into a thunderstorm, leaving Bonin alone.